Samsung’s Koo Ja-rook gets first career shutout after Kia’s Sanchez points out his pitching stance

Hanam Jik Reporter = Koo Ja-rook (Samsung Lions) hit his first career grand slam home run.

In the bottom of the third inning of a 0-0 home game against the Kia Tigers at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu, South Korea, the Samsung Lions hit a changeup from Mario Sanchez over the right field fence for a grand slam.

It was his 131st career home run, the first of his career.

Koo extended his home run streak to three games.

Before Guzauk’s grand slam, there was an unusual moment when the umpires explained the pitching rules to Sanchez.

Sanchez threw a wild pitch to Kim Sung-yoon with runners on first and second in the third inning.

Koo complained to the umpires about Sanchez’s pitching motion, and third base umpire Lee Min-ho approached Sanchez to talk to him.스포츠토토

Sanchez had been criticized several times for “double kicking” and “pitching in and out of the windup and set position.

Umpire Lee Min-ho took the microphone and said, “Sanchez said that there are certain things that are allowed in the major leagues. However, in the KBO, if the windup and set position are not clearly distinguishable in a single pitching motion, a balk is called. We explained this to Sanchez.”

In fact, the KBO has a stricter view of pitching motions, including double kicking, than the major leagues.

Back on the mound, Sanchez gave up a grand slam to Guzauk.

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