Protests, protests, protests, protests… “There were a lot of complications,” says director Hong Won-ki.

“I don’t remember a lot of things.”

Kiwoom Heroes head coach Hong Won-ki reflects on the ninth game of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League against the Hanwha Eagles at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on April 25.

On three occasions, Hong came off the bench to appeal to the umpires. The first was in the top of the sixth inning when Choi Jae-hoon bunted with the bases loaded. Choi’s bunt floated, and Song Sung-moon made a diving catch. The umpire called it no-bound and the first baseman called it one-bound. After Hanwha’s appeal, the umpires agreed and it was ruled one-bound and the runner was out. Coach Hong Won-ki came out and asked the umpires for an explanation, but nothing changed.

The second came in the bottom of the sixth inning. Leadoff hitter Song Sung-moon hit a long ball. Left fielder Nick Williams made a poor catch. Song didn’t miss it, stole second base and tried to go to third, but he collided with Jung Eun-won and couldn’t make it to third. Manager Hong Won-ki protested that Jung Eun-won interfered with the run, but the umpires said, “There was no situation to go to third base,” and sent him back to the bench.

The last time was in the top of the eighth inning. In the bottom of the eighth, with the score 6-5, Noh Si-hwan hit a ball. The umpires called a foul. Kiung requested a video review, claiming he was hit on the foot after falling into fair territory, but the call was not changed. Hong Won-ki, knowing he was going to be sent off, came out and protested, but of course it didn’t change. It was his second ejection of the season.

Kiwoom collapsed in the eighth inning, allowing 13 runs on 10 hits and five walks, and eventually fell to 6-16, ending their three-game winning streak.

“There were several situations,” said manager Hong Won-ki before the game, “and as you can see, it’s not for me to judge. I saw it this way, so I went out to ask the referee for an accurate judgment. Of course, I knew how to turn the situation around,” he said.

He recalled the moment when Song Sung-moon hit a long ball and collided with Jung Eun-won. The umpires explained that “Song Sung-moon was not in a position to go to third base.”

“Umpire Lee Min-ho also said that Song Sung-moon was not in a position to go to third base as judged by the second base umpire,” Hong said, adding, “I don’t remember the details because there were many situations. There were a lot of complications the day before,” he added.스포츠토토

Kiwoom’s lineup was Lee Yong-kyu (designated hitter), Kim Hye-sung (second base), Ronnie Dawson (center field), Lee Won-seok (first base), Song Sung-moon (third base), Lee Hyung-jong (right field), Joo Sung-won (left field), Lee Seung-won (shortstop), and Lee Ji-young (catcher). The starting pitcher is Ian McKinney, looking to avenge the previous day’s loss.

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