BRS APS Rifle Primer Large Rifle


  • Caliber: BR2
  • Bullet Style: Large Rifle
  • Package Quantity: 1000
  • Usage: Reloading

BRS APS Rifle Primer Large Rifle

BRS APS Rifle Primer Large Rifle Make priming fast and easy with our APS Rifle Primers. They’re held in convenient plastic strips that protect the primers and allow quick, efficient reloading.


  • Available for most popular primers
  • Speed up reloading
  • Protect primers
  • Extremely safe and reliable

CCI has teamed up with their sister company, RCBS – maker of the APS Bench Priming Tool and other Auto Priming equipment, to bring you a fast and effortless way to prime brass.

As a result today’s CCI primers are more sensitive, easier to seat and more compatible with progressive and automated loading equipment than ever before. They utilize modern non-corrosive and non-mercuric initiator mixes for the cleanest burn possible.


Colour coded and designed to connect to each other for continuous feeding.

  • APS primers strips can used with the RCBS APS strip loader

We worked with our sister company RCBS to revolutionize primer handling. The APS strip primer feed system takes the tedium out of priming cases. You can get all CCI rifle/pistol primers (except No.34 and No.41) preloaded in self-feeding APS strips. Primers stay clean and oil-free because you don’t have to handle them individually. The strips are color-coded so you can quickly identify the primer type in use. Simply insert loaded strips in your APS-compatible reloading press or priming tool and start making ammo.

For more information on APS priming equipment, visit the RCBS web site by clicking here.



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