Park Sang-won, President’s Cup Fencing Championship Men’s Saber 2nd Gold Medal

 Fencing Men’s Saber National Representative Park Sang-won (Daejeon Metropolitan City Hall) won two gold medals at the 52nd President’s Cup National Men’s and Women’s Championships.

Daejeon City Hall, to which Park Sang-won belongs, won the championship by beating the National Sports Promotion Agency 45-43 in the men’s saber team final of the general division held at the National Sports Center in Yeonggwang Sportium, Jeollanam-do on the 18th.

In the individual event the day before, Park Sang-won won the championship by defeating her team and the national team’s senior Korean men’s saber ‘ace’ Oh Sang-wook 15-14 in the final.카지노사이트

In the general category, Kwon Young-ho (Daejeon City Corporation) in the men’s individual foil event, Jeong Tae-seung (Seokjeong City Development) in the men’s epee, Chae Song-oh (Chungbuk Provincial Office) in the women’s foil, Seo Ji-yeon (Ansan City Hall) in the women’s epee, Shin Hyun-ah in the women’s epee. (Hwaseong City Hall) each enjoyed the joy of winning the individual competition.

Seongbuk-gu Office won the men’s foil team event in the general category, the Armed Forces Sports Corps in the epee, Seokjeong City Development, Seoul City Hall in the women’s foil team event, and Seo-gu Office in the Gwangju Metropolitan City won the epee in the women’s foil team event.

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