‘Park Ji-soo’s departure’ KB Stars lost their way again

KB Stars lost its way.

Cheongju KB Stars Park Ji-soo left the display this season due to panic disorder and appeared in the game from December 17th. After joining, he seemed to lose his senses for a while, but at the end of January, he seemed to regain his power, recording double-doubles in three consecutive games. Managers of other teams were also wary of Park Ji-soo’s rising trend.

However, Park Ji-soo collided with Yang In-young in a match against Bucheon Hana 1Q on the 1st, and suffered ligament damage due to his left middle finger dislocating. He has an injury that requires surgery and will take four weeks to rehabilitate.

WKBL will end its regular season on March 3rd. If KB Stars advances to the playoffs, Park Ji-soo can play, but the situation is not good. Incheon Shinhan Bank is in 4th place in the last game of the playoffs, and the ride with 5th place KB Stars is 4.5 games. There are only 7 games left for KB Stars.

KB Stars played a match against Asan Woori Bank on the 5th at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium without Park Ji-soo. The result was a 59-69 loss. KB Stars was dragged by Woori Bank from the first quarter. Shooter Kang Iseul also failed to make a 3-point shot easily. The defense was overcrowded, and only two out of eight 3-pointers were successful this season due to a lack of sense. Instead, he scored 17 points, including successive successes in breaking through the defense. Heo Ye-eun also struggled with 14 points, 5 rebounds and 9 assists in 34 minutes and 26 seconds. However, it was not enough to catch up with the widening score gap. 먹튀검증

Woori Bank recorded 24 assists and scored a goal that saved the ball flow and chance, but KB Stars only recorded 14 assists. It was a situation where you had to score with your individual skills, and rebounds were also inferior at 30-38. I couldn’t help but miss Park Ji-soo.

Director Kim Wan-soo is also confused by the current situation. Even when Park Ji-soo wasn’t there, KB Stars planned for Park Ji-soo’s return. When Park Ji-soo was not there, he had a harsh winter recording only 2 wins (11 losses). For the remaining seven games, coach Kim Wan-soo will try to fill the gap with Park Ji-soo.

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