Park Jae-hyun, will he recover his reputation in the Japanese B-League?

Jeonju KCC Park Jae-hyeon (31‧183cm) advances to the Japanese B-League. Recently, Park Jae-hyun received a recruitment offer from the lowest-ranked club in the B League, and his team, KCC, is also known to support the player’s overseas expansion through voluntary withdrawal. For the first time in the case of transferring from the KBL to the Japanese B-League during the season, KCC and coach Jeon Chang-jin plan to actively help advance into the B-League for the future of players who are not guaranteed a lot of business trip time.

Park Jae-hyun started his professional career by being selected by Samsung with the 4th pick in the 2013 KBL Rookie Draft. At that time, his nomination had considerable significance. This is because he is a player from another university who was selected in the next order following the so-called ‘Kyunghee University trio’ Kim Jong-gyu, Kim Min-gu, and Doo Kyung-min, who drew attention even before the draft. It can be said that he was evaluated as the most valuable player outside of the Big 3 of Kyung Hee University.

At the time, the draft was in an atmosphere where suspicions of tanking arose even before the start, and criticism from fans was strong. However, Samsung did not participate in the tanking ranks as they competed in the semifinals until the end and advanced to the playoffs. Nevertheless, with a low probability of 1.5%, it succeeded in obtaining the 4th place.

Samsung fans cheered, and on the contrary, KT fans who were listening to the suspicion of tanking despaired at the reality of being ranked 5th. The atmosphere at the time was read from the expression of manager Jeon Chang-jin, who was standing with Lee Jae-do, with an openly uncomfortable look, unlike Samsung director Kim Dong-gwang and Park Jae-hyun, who were bright. Fans showed a lot of interest in how far Park Jae-hyun, who was evaluated as a hidden pick, will play an active role against the Big 3 of Kyunghee University.

As can be seen from the evaluation during the draft, Park Jae-hyeon during his time at Korea University was an advanced leader who had a lot of activity and the ability to solve problems. Because of his good ability without the ball, he constantly searched for an empty spot, and when the eyes of the opponent’s defense were focused on Lee Seung-hyun, Lee Jong-hyun’s Twin Towers, or shooter Kim Ji-hoo, he went into cut-in-play or exploded a 3-point shot from the outside.

He took a lot of opportunities in the fast-paced situations where stars run around a lot and played the role of the trailer well. He also has a lot of guts, so he scored well through one-man fast attacks after rebounding or one-on-one in set offenses. If he wanted every chance, he tried to attack with confidence even in front of opponents bigger than himself and was active in offensive rebounding.

For this reason, there was an evaluation that even Kim Min-goo and Kim Jong-kyu, who would not be strange even if they were ranked first, could be nominated ahead of Doo Kyung-min, who had a similar style at first glance, even if it was difficult. This is because players with high scores in leadership and other areas could have been more valuable if there was no significant difference in skill or play type.

Unfortunately, Park Jae-hyun did not develop his professional life as expected. As can be seen from the fact that he averaged 3.96 points, 1.54 assists and 1.06 rebounds in 219 games since his debut so far, he has played steadily, but it is disappointing in many ways compared to the original expectations. Of course, Park Jae-hyun is not always bad. He occasionally showed off his college days. 메이저사이트

His typical example is to go around the perimeter on the screen and when he sees an opening toward the post, he tries to drive-in or shoot a bank shot. In any case, Lee Jae-do (5th place), Jeon Seong-hyun (7th place), Jeon Jun-beom (9th place), and Lee Dae-seong (2nd round 1st place), who were selected in the lower rank than himself, have been reborn as players representing the league, so they are being compared even more.

As a free agent after going through Samsung and Orion, he signed a contract with KCC for 2 years and a total fee of 80 million won, but it was not easy to play, let alone a special rebound. In the D-League game played on the 18th, he succeeded in a buzzer beater shot that gave the team a victory in the end, drawing attention after a long time.

The professional stage is cold. As it is a gathering place of outstanding players, it is difficult to predict the success of the players. In some cases, a player who was fluttering in his amateur days repeatedly underperformed and a player who was relatively underperforming continues to develop and become a new star. It is an analysis that the success or failure depends on who makes more earnest effort and adapts to the environment, as he has basic talents and qualities to match the name of a professional. As such, it is difficult to predict what Park Jae-hyun will look like in the Japanese B-League. This is the reason why future moves are getting more attention.

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