opinion? A foreigner?’… The player the captain wants to buy taiyaki 

  • February 21, 2023

“Let us become sweeter”, “Let us work harder.”

Who is the player the captains want to buy taiyaki? On the 21st, at the ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023 Opening Media Day’ held at The-K Hotel in Yangjae-dong, Seoul, the same question as the previous day (20th) came up.

The commanders’ reasons were varied. First, Park Dong-hyuk, coach of Asan, Chungcheongnam-do, who held the microphone, replied, “Park Min-seo,” and said, “Compared to his ability, he has not achieved much growth. I don’t gain weight and seem to keep losing weight, so I want to talk about this and that while eating warm Taiyaki. I want him to grow into a player that other team managers can take notice of and take.” Lee Woo-hyeong, coach of Anyang, was also in the same line. Manager Lee said, “Park Jae-yong, a striker in his second year, is a player who has grown enough to erase Jonathan. He is looking forward to it, so he wants to buy Taiyaki.”

The directors’ gratitude for the claim continued. Ansan Greeners coach Lim Jong-heon picked “goalkeeper Lee Seung-bin” and said, “He is the player who suffered the most on the team. He made a lot of saves and was able to win even one or two teams. He seems to have to play that role again this year. Taiyaki is also Taiyaki, but I want to buy a lot of meat.”

Busan coach Park Jin-seop also called Lee Han-do, who was sitting next to him, and said, “It seems that he is stressed while insisting. He said, “It would be nice to relieve stress and relieve heavy burdens while eating sweet Taiyaki.”

There were also coaches who picked foreign players. Manager Lee, Jeonnam Dragons, said, “Because I have a short mouth, I don’t eat well. It seems that Yuhei is not good at Korean food. He wants to give strength with taiyaki,” he said. Go Jeong-woon, coach of Gimpo FC, said, “It’s Pablo. Korean players will eat well on their own…” and laughed, “Taiyaki is a carbohydrate. I think I will work harder going back and forth,” he said. 메이저놀이터

Cheonan City manager Park Nam-yeol said, “It’s chamfered. I want to give the team and me sweetness so that we can increase our ability to score goals, which we lack by feeding them a lot of sweet things.” Gyeongnam coach Seol Ki-hyeon did the same. Coach Seol laughed, saying, “I recruited the newly recruited Glayson in hopes of great scoring, but he only worked hard on defense,” and said, “I wonder if I can run harder and score more goals if I feed a lot of Taiyaki.”

Cheongju FC coach Choi Yoon-kyung said, “How much are Taiyaki these days?” At the same time, “Captain Ryu Won-woo buys rice and coffee with his own money to make the original team. When he said, “He is doing well in his duties as a captain,” Ryu Won-woo replied, “I hope you take some pocket money in a taiyaki bag,” making everyone laugh.

Manager Seong Han-soo and Kim Chun-sangmu, who is considered one of the best players in the K-League 2, said, “Kim Hyun-wook has a small physique and runs a lot. He said, “I feel sorry for competing with players who are taller than 180 cm.”

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