Napoli looking for replacement Kim Min-jae ‘Drive’… Champs Opponent DF Attention

  • February 12, 2023

Napoli are looking to sign Eintracht Frankfurt defender Evan Ndica in the transfer window this coming summer. 

Italian media ‘Area Napoli’ reported on the 11th (Korean time) that “Naples are keeping an eye on Evan Ndica.” 

Ndica is a young and promising defender who has played across France’s age-groups, and belongs to Frankfurt, which Napoli will face in the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League. 

He moved to Frankfurt from AJ Auxerre in the 2018/19 season and has been playing for Frankfurt until now. He was the main player in Frankfurt’s UEFA Europa League victory in the 2021/22 season. 

Ndika, who is good at fighting for air supremacy and clearing based on her tall height and strong physicality, has received the attention of many teams since last summer with her proficient ball control and fast speed. 

Arsenal, Newcastle, Tottenham, etc. tried to sign Ndika, but it did not happen, and he is likely to leave Frankfurt as a free agent this summer when his contract expires. 

Area Napoli said: “Napoli are enjoying the present, but they are already thinking about the future. They are preparing for the upcoming transfer window and have found their next Champions League opponent.” 

He continued, “In addition to Napoli, other teams such as Inter Milan, Juventus, Roma, and Sevilla also moved to obtain his information,” adding that there is not a little interest in Ndica, who will become a free agent. 

Napoli’s interest seems to be proceeding in preparation for the departure of key player Kim Min-jae in the summer transfer market.  먹튀검증

Kim Min-jae, who moved to Naples ahead of this season, became a top-notch defender in Europe by occupying the starting position for Napoli at the same time as the transfer. He helped Napoli rise to the top of the league with his stable passing and excellent interception ability. 

He has received interest from many teams within six months of his transfer, and there are teams that want to sign him through Kim Min-jae’s buyout, which will be triggered in the upcoming summer. Napoli is currently trying to raise the buyout of 50 million euros (approximately 67.8 billion won) through renewal, but it is not an easy situation. 

In the midst of this, Napoli also showed interest in recruiting Ndica to minimize the power vacuum even if Kim Min-jae leaves after this season. In particular, Ndika is a left-footed center back and has no problem adapting to the left center back position currently played by Kim Min-jae. 

With Ndica’s current team, Frankfurt, and Kim Min-jae’s Napoli going head-to-head on the 22nd at 5:00 a.m., if Ndica plays against Napoli, one of the strongest teams in Europe this season, Napoli’s intention to recruit Ndica will become even stronger. It is expected.

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