‘Na Kyun-an + Choi Joon-yong + Noh Jin-hyuk’ nearing completion Lotte…”We will push as hard as possible in the first half”

A ‘complete’ Lotte Giants team is imminent.

Lotte removed pitchers Shin Jeong-rak and Choi Yi-jun from the first team roster on the third day of the off-day and added Na Gyun-an and Choi Jun-yong to the roster on the fourth day. Na and Choi, who had been sidelined with elbow inflammation and back pain, respectively, shook off their injuries to join the team.

Choi rejoined the first team 48 days after being waived on May 14 against Suwon KT. When asked about Choi’s retention, head coach Larry Sutton said, “He can come in when it’s comfortable and when we’re winning. It’s best for him to come out when the team needs him, so he can come out in the sixth inning right after the start, or he can come out in the seventh inning when the game is tied.” “I think his physical condition is very good right now, and I think he’s mentally prepared,” he said.

On the fielding side, Noh Jin-hyuk’s return is imminent. Noh, who has been on the disabled list since June 15 with a side injury, returned to action in a Futures League game on June 4. Starting at shortstop and batting second against KT’s second team at Sangdong Stadium, Noh went 1-for-2 with a double and two runs scored.

“We’re talking about it now,” Sutton said of Noh’s call-up. “We’re talking about it right now. There’s a possibility that he could come up on the sixth,” Sutton said. “We’ll see how his body is recovering from the game, if he has any soreness after the game, and then we’ll make a decision. It’s clear that he’s close to breaking into the first team.스포츠토토

“We’ve got a couple games left in the first half,” Sutton said. We’re looking forward to pushing as hard as we can and finishing strong before the All-Star break.” “We need to reorganize our roles, especially in the bullpen,” Sutton added. “The younger guys have come in and pitched well in key situations and helped us win games,” Sutton said. But I think the bullpen as a whole needs to be more consistent, especially when we have a lead and need to close out games,” Sutton said.

“The hitters have been working hard, too. They’ve been putting in extra work before and after practice, and they’ve been pushing themselves to get through the slump. “If we can finish the first half of the season with a 5 percent win rate or better, I think it will put the team in a better mood.”

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