Mongolian boxer collapsed in Korean ring… Even with boxing fundraising, medical expenses are staggering

 On March 11, in a professional boxing super bantamweight match held at the Cheongpyeong Family Hotel in Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, a Mongolian player collapsed while confronting a Korean player.

In the match between Tesserenbat (Mongolia) and Jang In-soo (Korea), which had fierce battles in the first and second rounds, an unexpected situation occurred in the third round.

Jamiyanbat, who was knocked down by Jang-in-su’s punch, stood up immediately, but lost consciousness as he came down from the ring.토스카지노

After receiving first aid from an emergency medical technician waiting at the scene, Jamiyah Baat was transported to nearby Hyundai Hospital in Namyangju about 10 minutes after the accident and underwent brain surgery right away.

His surgery was successful, but he has been in intensive care for over a month now.

Even if he is improving little by little, such as moving his arms and reacting to the voices around him, it is difficult to know when he will be able to shake off and get up.

According to the Korea Boxing Committee (KBC), which organized the tournament, Jamiyan Badt entered the ring with a chronic cerebral hemorrhage that even the player himself did not know was ‘bearing in his head’.

His cerebral vessels, which were like a ticking time bomb that could explode at any moment, could not withstand the shock of the boxing match.

When asked if the accident could not have been prevented in advance, a KBC official who said that the doctor who performed the operation learned of the player’s chronic brain disease said, “A basic physical examination is conducted prior to the game, but diseases such as chronic cerebral hemorrhage with no subjective symptoms can be detected by magnetic resonance. You won’t know unless you take an MRI.”

Regarding the situation at the site where an emergency medical technician was waiting instead of a ring doctor, he said, “Regulations were revised last year to allow emergency medical technicians to be deployed because of local weekend games where it was difficult to bring a ring doctor. There was no problem with emergency treatment.”

After Jamiyanbad collapsed, KBC decided to fully support the treatment cost for the player’s recovery.

Jamiyanbat is a disciple of Mongolian boxing hero Rakbar Sim, who has been the World Boxing Association (WBA) two-weight division champion.

A KBC official expressed regret, saying, “Rakbar immediately departed for Mongolia without discussing post-action measures, so we have not been contacted until now.”

KBC notified the Mongolian embassy of the accident, invited family members from Mongolia, and informed boxers of the situation to cover the cost of treatment and is developing a fundraising campaign.

Dozens of people, including Korean boxing legend Hong Soo-hwan, have raised 20 million won at 10 o’clock and half, but it is far from enough to pay for treatment.

A KBC official said, “So far, the treatment cost has been about 50 million won, and it is expected that about 40 to 50 million won more will occur in the future.”

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