Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism considers government support for pro basketball’s Day One crisis

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on Sunday urged the KBL and Day One to make responsible efforts to ensure that players are not harmed by the recent suspension of professional basketball team Goyang Day One from the KBL.

The ministry pointed out that the responsibility for the situation lies not only with the club and its parent company, but also with the KBL, emphasizing that the measures to pay unpaid wages, protect players’ lives, and attract a buyer, which the KBL explained to the players on Saturday, should be carried out quickly and sincerely.

It added that the players should be compensated for their losses and further damage should be prevented.

The ministry also said it would work to minimize the damage to the players and find ways to support them at the government level so that the men’s professional basketball market is not negatively affected.

The ministry will meet with the players early next week to hear their concerns and discuss ways the government can help.

“We are very sorry and regretful for the damage and mental pain that the players will suffer from this situation,” said Choi Bo-geun, head of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, “and we will work with the KBL to help resolve the situation.”메이저사이트

Dayone Sports, which acquired the Goyang Orion after the 2021-2022 season, was expelled from the KBL on Nov. 16 after a series of financial problems, including late payment of KBL membership fees, non-payment of wages to players and secretariat staff, and non-payment of the purchase price for the Orion basketball team.

The KBL is looking for a buyer along with the city of Busan, which is interested in hosting a men’s professional basketball team, and if it cannot find a buyer, it will hold a special draft for 18 players from Day One around July 21.

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