Local media admiring Kim Min-jae’s ‘professional consciousness’… “Lesson Learned”

Local media in Italy shed light on Minjae Kim’s interview.

The rumor of Kim Min-jae’s transfer has recently emerged as a concern of many people. Although he joined Napoli for less than a season, he is Kim Min-jae, who quickly became a target for big clubs because he showed outstanding performance in every game he played in. In particular, the news that Manchester United has a strong interest in Kim Min-jae is transmitted, and Napoli fans as well as domestic fans are listening to Kim Min-jae’s transfer rumors.

Kim Min-jae wanted to focus on Napoli. Kim Min-jae, whom we met in the Mixt Zone after the friendly match against Colombia held at Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium on the 24th (Korean time), said, “As you all know, the transfer rumors or stories in the news are not true at all. I want to focus on the team without being affected by such stories, but it is not easy because such stories continue to come out from the outside. I am still uncomfortable and do not adapt well. Because there are many important games left, it is not a transfer rumor, but a game I want to focus on,” he said, focusing on the team.

Next, Kim Min-jae felt uncomfortable with the rumors of transfer, saying, “(The interest in me) is not taken seriously. There are too many stories related to the transfer, and it would be nice if such stories were not spread.” 먹튀검증

Min-jae Kim’s statement that he would focus on the team was highlighted by ‘Area Napoli’, an Italian media that delivers news related to Naples. The media highly appreciated Kim Min-jae’s professionalism, saying, “Kim Min-jae has no intention of being swayed by transfer rumors, and has openly expressed his mind. We can learn lessons from Kim Min-jae’s professionalism.”

‘Area Napoli’ also pointed out that, as Kim Min-jae said, Napoli should focus on winning the championship, not immediately transferring players. Napoli is aiming to win the Italian Serie A for the first time in 33 years this season, and is also challenging to win the Champions League (UCL) of the European Football Federation (UEFA), which reached the quarterfinals and recorded the best record in the club’s history.

In an interview with Mixt Zone, Kim Min-jae also said, “In the league, of course, we strongly believe that we must win. Everyone is like that,” he said, revealing his desire to win the championship, especially the league championship.

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