LG, who had the upper hand from the beginning to the end, escaped the home losing streak by defeating Korea Gas Corporation

LG escaped from a losing streak by beating Korea Gas Corporation.

Changwon LG met Daegu Korea Gas Corporation in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot professional basketball regular season game held at Changwon Gymnasium on the 20th and won 69-64. With the victory on this day, the season record was 19 wins and 12 losses. He got off to a good start by winning both games in the second half.

Lee Jae-do recorded 18 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds, becoming the number one contributor to the team’s victory. LG’s ace, Asem Marey, scored only 4 points. But Dante Cunningham filled the spot. In addition, Lee Kwan-hee and Yoon Won-sang also scored in double digits.

1st Quarter, LG 22-10 Korea Gas Corporation: Lee Jae-do, the leader of LG’s assault
team, had a low score in the early stages of the game. Both teams failed to score consecutively. The first goal came 2 minutes and 5 seconds into the game. The main character was Lee Jae-do of LG. He reported the first points of the game with a three-pointer. Afterwards, he scored a free throw to Jeong Hyo-geun, but added another 3-point shot to make it 6-1. Adding Yoon Won-sang’s break through and Lee Jae-do’s free-throw score, LG caught the mood.

In order to reverse the atmosphere, Korea Gas Corporation applied for an operation time. In the first attack, Lee Dae-heon’s mid-range score came. However, starting with Jeong Hyo-geun’s mistake, Korea Gas Corporation was only scoreless for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. At 2:10 at the end of the quarter, Devon Scott scored after a long time. However, Lee Jae-do, Yoon Won-sang, and Jung Hee-jae allowed runs, and the score was 9-18. In addition, Lee Jae-do and Justin Gutang conceded points, and the score gap widened further.

2nd Quarter, LG 39-25 KOGAS: LG running away, KOGAS LG chasing after
Jeon Hyeon-woo scored a quick break. However, Lee Kwan-hee responded with a quick score and added a 3-point shot to raise the team atmosphere again. Afterwards, he conceded consecutive runs to Murphy Holloway and Jeon Hyun-woo, but broke the opponent’s flow through Kim Jun-il scoring under the goal. In addition, after Lee Kwan-hee’s block shot, Lee Jae-do and Cunningham’s quick attack came out. LG made it 33-16.

Korea Gas Corporation did not give up and continued its pursuit. Holloway was more aggressive on the attack. When the team’s attack was blocked, he actively attempted a post-up against Kim Jun-il. And it worked. First, during a post-up attempt, he induced an opponent’s foul and scored a free throw. In addition, Jeon Hyun-woo’s score came out.

Later, Kim Jun-il conceded consecutive runs, but Holloway kept the atmosphere alive with consecutive goals. In addition, Lee Dae-sung’s free throw score was added, and Korea Gas Corporation narrowed the score gap. Lee Dae-heon scored 18 seconds before the end of the quarter to make it 25-39.

3rd quarter, LG 49-36 KOGAS: KOGAS up 1 point in the first 5 minutes
The third quarter was also a low-scoring game. Both teams failed to score consecutively. Players from both teams made complacent mistakes and failed easy shots. In such a situation, the team that scored first was LG. Lee Jae-do reported his first point of the quarter 2 minutes and 58 seconds into the third quarter. Afterwards, LG failed both attacks, but did not allow the opponent to concede. And at 4 minutes and 12 seconds into the quarter, Marey made a basket count. The score was 44-25.

Korea Gas Corporation scored its first goal 4 minutes and 56 seconds after the start of the quarter. It was Sam Joseph Belrangel’s free throw score. In addition, Jeong Hyo-geun also earned a foul in the opponent team foul situation and added a free throw score. However, both players succeeded in only one out of two. Afterwards, Marey conceded, but 4 minutes and 21 seconds before the end of the quarter, Scott scored the team’s first field goal of the quarter. In addition, Belengel’s mid-range jumper came out and the score was 31-45. Afterwards, Scott raised the mood through free throws and consecutive goals. 헤라카지노

4th Quarter, LG 69-64 Korea Gas Corporation: Korea Gas Corporation pursued to the end, but…
but LG did not allow further pursuit. Cunningham actively scored. In addition, Yoon Won-sang’s goal was added, and LG widened the score gap. Holloway conceded, but Cunningham scored consecutively. LG managed to run 9-2 and made it 58-38. Afterwards, Gutang widened the score by adding a free throw and Lee Kwan-hee’s 3-point shot. 3 minutes and 13 seconds before the end of the quarter, Han Sang-hyeok’s breakthrough score made it 66-48.

After that, KOGAS players continued to pursue until the end. The players scored evenly. Especially at the end of the quarter, with strong defense, they quickly regained the right to attack. Jeon Hyun-woo’s 3-point shot 7 seconds before the end of the quarter led to a 3-point lead. 

But time was on LG’s side. Lee Kwan-hee’s free throws from fouls were all successful, giving the team victory. 

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