LG leader Myung-seok Cha will communicate directly with fans again this year ‘First broadcast on March 27th’

‘King of Communication’ Cha Myung-seok, general manager of the LG Twins, communicates directly with fans again this year.

The LG Twins announced, “We will hold the first YouTube live in 2023 through the club’s YouTube channel from 6 pm on the 27th.”먹튀검증

In this live broadcast, announcer Jeong Yong-gum will appear and host along with general manager Cha Myung-seok. In addition, a fan advisory group will be invited to the live site in 2023.

Director Cha plans to directly deal with the season prospects, such as spring camp and exhibition game reviews, through this broadcast. In addition, we communicate with fans by receiving questions from the 2023 fan advisory group on-site as well as questions recruited through the club’s YouTube community.

‘YouTube Live’ is scheduled to be held three times in 2023. Next, we review the first half during the All-Star break.

LG Twins said, “We plan to continue operating online and offline content that communicates with fans through fan participation in the future.”

Meanwhile, more information about the LG Twins ‘YouTube Live’ can be found on the LG Twins homepage and SNS account.

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