Leo, the most individual serve 11… OK Finance wins over KEPCO

  • February 16, 2023

Men’s professional volleyball OK Financial Group continued its hopes of advancing to spring volleyball.

OK Financial Group won 3-2 (25-21 25-21 22-25 16-25 15-13) after a full set match in the home game of the 5th round of the ‘Dodram 2022-23 V-League Men’s Division’ against KEPCO held at Sangnoksu Gymnasium in Ansan on the 16th. won

OK Financial Group recorded 41 points (14 wins, 15 losses) with the victory that day, but maintained 5th place. Despite the defeat, KEPCO secured 42 points (13 wins, 16 losses) and rose to third place, while OK Financial Group tied Woori Card (41 points, 14 wins, 14 losses, set win/loss ratio 0.917) and won the set It failed to rise in the rankings due to the goal loss ratio (0.898).

However, OK Financial Group, which had been sluggish with 1 win and 4 losses in the last 5 games, gained momentum in the spring volleyball competition by capturing a valuable victory against KEPCO, which is fighting for a mid-ranking position.

The performance of main gun Leonardo Leiva Martinez (registered name Leo) stood out by far. Leo stormed the KEPCO court with 11 serve aces, the most in an individual game. The previous record was 9 against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance on January 8th.

In addition, Leo played the role of an ace with 42 points, the most in a single game this season. Song Myung-geun and Cha Ji-hwan (above 12 points) also contributed with two scores.

OK Financial Group announced a good start by overturning the unfavorable situation.

OK Financial Group, which was trailing by 6 points in the middle of the first set, gradually closed the gap based on Leo’s quick open and Park Won-bin’s blocking.

At 9-14, it was balanced with five consecutive runs. Leo and Park Won-bin took the lead in the pursuit by collaborating on 4 points. 메이저놀이터

On 16-16, OK Financial Group succeeded in reversing by blocking the attacks of KEPCO Lim Seong-jin in succession by Cha Ji-hwan and Jin Sang-heon. Continuing the atmosphere, they took a clear lead, and Park Won-bin finished the first set with a block.

The second set was also the middle of the match. OK Financial Group made it 18-16 by tying the opponent’s sub room and setter Lee Min-gyu’s clever scoring in 15-16.

OK Financial Group, which did not panic despite KEPCO’s pursuit and maintained its concentration, took a set point with Cha Ji-hwan’s open attack on 23-21. And Song Myeong-geun finished the attack opportunity that came after the defense with an open attack, making the set score 2-0.

KEPCO made up for the 3rd set and launched a counterattack. As OK Financial Group did in the first set, it overturned the unfavorable situation with consecutive scores.

In 17-20, Tais Leul Host (registered name Tais) scored consecutively, the opponent’s mistake, and Shin Young-seok’s blocking came out one after another and reversed to 22-20.

Tais became the protagonist of the third set with consecutive serve aces after an open attack at 22-22.

Tais also dominated the fourth set. Tais, who served in 12-13, shook OK Financial Group with a strong serve. By the time he was 19-13 he boasted sharp flair with four serve aces.

Along with Thais’ performance, KEPCO effectively blocked OK Financial Group’s attack with 5 blocks in only 4 sets, driving the match to 5 sets.

OK Financial Group, which was hit by a serve, paid back with a serve. At the beginning of the 5th set, Leo heated up the court with 4 consecutive serve aces.

They couldn’t keep up the momentum and were on the verge of losing 11-13, but after Leo’s back attack, Jin Sang-heon’s blocking caught the match point.

Jin Sang-heon blocked even the last Thais attack, putting an end to the long game.

KEPCO’s Thais struggled with 38 points, including a triple crown (more than 3 points each for serving, blocking, and back attack in one game), but finally failed to turn around and lowered their heads.

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