Lee So-mi, the revived ‘Queen of the Wind’, leads the KLPGA Nexen Saint Nine 2R

 Lee So-mi, who won five times on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour, won three wins at a golf course in Jeju Island, where the wind is strong.

She is not Jeju, but the sea breeze blows as strong as Jeju.

He’s good at sending the ball down, and he knows how to play in the wind. He also has great confidence that he can handle the wind well.

In the second round of the KLPGA Tour Nexen Saint Nine Masters (total prize money of 800 million won) held on the 22nd at Gimhae Gaya Country Club in Gyeongnam, Lee So-mi shot a 4-under-par 68 to take the lead with an interim total of 7-under-par 137.

Lee So-mi, who beat last season’s grand prize winner Kim Su-ji by one stroke, seized a chance to win six in five months after winning the S-Oil Championship in November last year.메이저사이트

At Gaya Country Club, where the tournament was held, strong winds of up to 11 meters per second continued to blow from the day before until today.

The flagpole was shaking wildly, and it was often produced in a situation where the collar slapped the cheek when the players took an address posture.

Lee So-mi pulled out 7 birdies in the strong wind.

Lee So-mi said, “It’s important to believe in my shots and putts even in the wind. You have to know how to ride the wind, and if it blows too hard, you have to know how to wait and hit. Putts also ride the wind, so you have to take the wind into account on the green.” We also briefly introduced the secret to getting good grades.

Lee So-mi trained harder than anyone else last winter, but suffered the humiliation of missing the cut in both previous competitions.

He said, “I went back to the beginning and practiced really hard. I practiced from 5:00 am to 8:00 pm.”

Lee So-mi, who was good at low trajectory shots and control shots, didn’t like it, so she intensively polished her low trajectory shots ahead of this tournament and saw the effect.

Ahead of the final round, Lee So-mi, who showed a cautious attitude, saying, “I may not hit another shot tomorrow,” promised, “I am grateful for passing the cut rather than greedy for winning, and I will play as I practiced and use it as an opportunity to find things to improve.”

He added, “I initially set the goal of winning three games in the season, but after missing the cut in two competitions, I changed my mind. I decided to be humble. I will return to the beginning and always hold on to my golf club and practice only.”

Kim Su-ji, who pulled out 5 birdies and hit 4 under par, expressed satisfaction with her game, saying, “I hit it strategically and safely. I tried to play it easily by sending it to the easy side. I made good judgments from moment to moment.”

“The first goal is to report the championship in the first half. I want to consistently achieve good results like last year because I have a good overall sense,” said Kim Su-ji, expressing her motivation by saying, “Since the opportunity to win has come, I will aim for the championship.”

Kim Min-byeol, who leads the Rookie of the Year race, endured well with 3 birdies and 3 bogeys, and faced the final round in 3rd place (4 under par 140 strokes), 3 strokes behind Lee So-mi.

Choi Eun-woo and Jo Ah-yeon tied for 4th place (3 under par, 141 strokes).

On the first day, Jung Yeon-ju, who took the lead by hitting a 5-under-par 65, lost 5 strokes and was pushed out of the championship race.

Kim Min-byeol and Hwang Yoo-min, who are considered strong candidates for the rookie of the year, also performed sluggishly with a 5-over-par 77, and came to the final round with a 1-over-par 145.

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