Lee Joo-hyung, who wears a burgundy uniform every day, begins to understand the ‘sleepless nights’ of his seniors

Kiwoom’s Lee Ju-hyung, 22, had made just 32 first-team appearances before being traded in late July.

However, since his arrival, he has been getting regular opportunities. Since joining, he hasn’t missed a game for Kiwoom and has started every game.

He’s also performed well. In 20 games, he’s batting .316 with three home runs and 13 RBIs.

Lee Ju-hyung was a promising prospect before he was traded. After graduating from Gyeongnam High School, he was selected by LG with the 13th pick in the second round of the 2020 KBO Draft. Known for his precise hitting, Lee hasn’t lost any of his talent since changing uniforms.

Kiwoom fell to the bottom of the standings after a string of injuries to key players, including Lee Jeong-hoo’s surgery, and the trade of starting pitcher Choi Won-tae. In effect, the team has been rebuilding this season. And Lee Joo-hyung is becoming a key figure in the rebuilding process.

Lee also feels that he is growing with the opportunity. “I go out there every day, so I don’t lose sight of what I have. I feel like I’m getting better at baseball because I’m getting to know and experience the plays I can make depending on the pitcher and the situation.”

“When I was at LG, I didn’t know what my brothers meant when they said ‘I can’t sleep,'” Lee said.

“When I was at LG, I didn’t know what they meant by ‘sleepless nights,'” he said. “I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about what I didn’t like about the game or what I liked about the game. “I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about what I didn’t like about each game and what I liked about each game,” he said.

After going through this process, Lee also realized the importance of mind control. “I think I need to continue to create ways to sleep well and conserve my physical strength,” he said.

Another reason for Lee’s attention is that he has a similar batting form to Lee Jung-hoo. When he hits a home run, his form is very similar to Lee’s. “I’m a right-handed hitter and I think there are similarities in what I consider important,” he said. “I don’t know when I’ll see him (Jung-hoo, who is injured), but if I do, I want to ask him a lot of questions. For now, I’m learning a lot from Ronnie Dawson and (Kim) Hye-sung of our team.”스포츠토토

For the rest of the season, Lee plans to focus on establishing what he has. “I used to strike out a lot on my changeup and get anxious and follow the ball. Hitting coach Oh Yoon told me not to follow the ball as much as possible and just make my own swing,” he recalled. “I thought the same thing and tried to hit pitches that I thought were only in the strike zone, so I stopped reacting to pitches that weren’t,” he said. With this realization, Lee will continue to grow as a player.

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