Lee Byung-bae, former vice president of the Pyeongtaek City Council, elected as the 21st president of the Korea Unemployment Table Tennis Federation

  • February 13, 2023

Former Pyeongtaek City Council Vice Chairman Lee Byung-bae (60) was elected as the new president of the Korea Unemployed Table Tennis Federation.

On the 13th, the federation delivered the winning certificate to Lee Byung-bae at Studio T in Suwon. In the election for the 21st president of the federation on the 10th, Lee ran as a single candidate and was elected through qualification screening by the election commission. The term of office is until January 2025, and as the 20th chairman Lee Myeong-jong (Director of Noblesse Plastic Surgery in Busan) resigned at the end of last month, he will take over the remainder of his term.

On this day, Lee received a certificate of election and a bouquet of flowers from Nam Man-jin Federation Election Commissioner and Executive Vice Chairman Yoo Nam-gyu (Korea Exchange Supervisor). 카지노

In the past, President-elect Lee served as the 7th and 8th member of the Pyeongtaek City Council, and served as vice chairman in the 8th. He served as a member of the People’s Power representative of the Pyeongtaek City Council and a permanent director of the Pyeongtaek City Sports Association, and is currently serving as an advisory member of the Korea Sports Association Safety Committee.

Lee will start his term after holding an inauguration ceremony at Studio T on the 23rd.

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