“Leaving in a year? Such a hasty parting will make Naples unpleasant!”… The voice of ‘angry’ at Kim Min-jae’s transfer

Kim Min-jae (Napoli) transfer rumors are hot.

In particular, rumors of a transfer to Manchester United in the English Premier League (EPL) are becoming a fait accompli. British media reported that negotiations had begun with Manchester United and Kim Min-jae and were progressing in a positive atmosphere. There is even a prospect that the transfer can be finalized within June.

Many people are excited about Kim Min-jae’s possibility of becoming a man. This is great news for Korean soccer fans. It can be seen that Kim Min-jae has 토스카지노 risen to the next level by advancing from Italy’s Serie A, which has recently gone downhill, to the EPL, which has risen to the top league in the world.

and man united Although it has gone down a bit now, there is no disagreement with the fact that it is the best name in the EPL. If you are a Korean fan, it is the best team that everyone cheered for when Park Ji-sung was active. Having a Korean player in Manchester United for the second time means that the overall pride of Korean football rises.

But not everyone is a Korean fan. Therefore, not everyone wants Kim Min-jae to transfer. In particular, the Napoli club and Napoli fans strongly do not want Kim Min-jae to transfer. I want to do more with the hero who put Naples on top after 33 years.

In particular, he may feel bad for the fact that he is leaving the team just one season after the transfer. Developing Kim Min-jae into a top European defender would have been possible thanks to Min-jae Kim’s own ability and efforts, but it would have been impossible without the support of the Napoli club and the support of Napoli fans. The sadness can be so great. He can even voice his anger.

Italy’s ‘Areanapoli’ expressed such sadness. The media reported, “Man Utd is putting pressure on Kim Min-jae. Man U are preparing to take Kim Min-jae by force. The main player in Napoli’s championship can say goodbye to Napoli after one season.”

At the same time, the media emphasized, “Kim Min-jae received the support, trust, and love of Napoli fans. Such a hasty breakup will definitely make Napoli unpleasant.”

Another Italian media, ‘Ilmionapoli’ also expressed, “Napoli is in high risk of losing Kim Min-jae. Leaving after one season will be a painful farewell for both the Napoli club and Napoli fans.”

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