LAL’s dilemma, should he sign a big 3-year, $165 million extension with AD?

The Lakers are in trouble.

ESPN’s Dave McManaman discussed the Los Angeles Lakers and Anthony Davis’ contract extension talks on Sunday.

The Lakers have left a lot to be desired this season, rebounding from a disastrous start. They made it through the play-in tournament and reached the conference finals after upsets against Memphis and Golden State.

At the center of the Lakers’ rebound was Anthony Davis. After struggling with a horrendous injury bug the previous two seasons, Davis has bounced back this season, averaging 25.9 points and 12.5 rebounds per game. He’s an offensive force, but he’s also an absolute presence on defense.

Unsurprisingly, Davis is at the center of the Lakers’ plans for next season, alongside LeBron James. However, the Lakers have a major problem on their hands. This summer, Davis will be eligible for a massive three-year, $165 million extension.

As he proved this season, a healthy Davis is undeniably the best big man in the league. However, there is an injury risk involved in signing him to a long term, massive contract. Davis played just 56 regular-season games this season, more than he did in the previous two seasons, and he missed just as many games.

There’s also his connection to LeBron James to consider. Davis and LeBron are both eligible to exercise their player options after next season. Depending on what LeBron does, Davis’ contract situation could change. Both could be big names in free agency in 2024.

For now, McManaman doesn’t think the Lakers will rush to sign Davis to an extension.

“Obviously, the Lakers have been thinking since they got Anthony Davis that Davis and LeBron James’ contracts are tied together. LeBron has been talking about retirement, but there’s a good chance he’ll play for the Lakers this year. And obviously, you have to think about LeBron opting out and becoming a free agent after next season.”

“The Lakers want Davis to stay healthy and get as much out of him as possible next season. But it’s unlikely they’ll be interested in signing Davis to a long-term deal this summer.”

If LeBron decides to leave the team after next season, the Lakers could potentially part ways with Davis and start rebuilding. With LeBron’s departure further complicating the situation, the Lakers will have to be even more cautious with their decision, given their lack of future draft picks.메이저사이트

Meanwhile, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, a fellow McMenamin reporter, said, “The Lakers don’t want Anthony Davis to be in a more messy situation when he becomes a free agent in the summer of 2024. Signing Davis to an extension is a major offseason priority for the Lakers,” suggesting that the Lakers will focus on signing Davis to an extension this summer.

After a stellar season, Davis’ contract negotiations will be a major topic of conversation in Los Angeles this offseason. How long will Davis stay with the Lakers?

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