Kim Sun-hyung mentions ‘old people’ to Choi Joon-yong taunt, “How old are you?”

Professional basketball team Seoul SK’s Kim Sun-hyung responded to Choi Joon-yong’s “old people” taunt after he left for KCC in Jeonju by parodying a line from the Netflix series “The Glory.

“They say they are old people, but they have two MVPs (Most Valuable Players),” Kim said at a joint press conference with Oh Se-geun at the KBL Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, on Aug. 8. “They were also talking about age, and I remembered a line from The Glory that I watched recently. I want to say, ‘How long will you be young? Will you be young next year?'” he said.

Choi Jun-yong, who played for SK before joining KCC, became a hot topic when he made a remark at his induction ceremony on March 22 that provoked his parent team, SK.

At the time, Choi said, “The team with me is better than after the championship. Without me, SK is not a favorite. Now KCC is the favorite,” and declared, “SK will push with ‘old men’ (meaning a team with many older players), but we will push with youth.”

This was a jab at SK, who had just signed Oh Se-geun, who is in his mid-30s, after Kim Sun-hyung.

In response, Kim fired back by parodying a line from Park Yeon-jin’s character in The Glory.

“The answer is for the Seniors to have two MVPs,” Kim said, adding, “I think it’s rude to take shots at teammates who have played together for five years. I hope the fans and my teammates don’t get hurt.”

Kim Sun-hyung, who laughed off the ‘mannequin defense’ jibe from Changwon LG’s Lee Kwan-hee last season, said, “No matter what you say, there’s no harm in it. It’s another part of the fun of being a professional,” he laughed.

Oh Se-geun said he would overcome the “old man” label with his skills.

He said, “It’s a burden to just reminisce. I will continue to work hard. It’s obvious that I’m getting older, but apart from that, I have to work hard and perform well in terms of how I approach the game and how I prepare. I will do my best to overcome the pressure.”메이저사이트

SK’s opponent with Kim Sun-hyung and Oh Se-geun will be KCC, who took Choi Jun-yong.

“Se-geun is here, but I think Jun-yong will have to go and fight,” Kim said. “KT is also very strong, and LG will do well. “KT is very strong, and I think LG will do well.” “There will be a lot of teams competing for the lead, not just SK.

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