“Kim Seon-hyung’s 47-point performance, one of the best scenes in KBL’s history”

 2022-2022 SKT Adot Pro Basketball is running towards the end of the 4th round. Anyang KGC (24-11) is still in the lead, followed by Changwon LG (22-13) in 2nd place and Hyundai Mobis (22-14) in 3rd place. Wonju DB (16-20), led by acting coach Kim Joo-seong, jumped into the playoff fight with a 4-game winning streak. 먹튀검증

For the jump ball, for the 2022-2023 season, SPOTV commentators are selecting the weekly MVP (one domestic and one foreign player). The weekly MVP for the 13 regular league games held from the 23rd to the 29th was selected by commentator Lee Kyu-seop, who is receiving a good response from fans with professional commentary.

Domestic player MVP Kim Seon-hyeong (SK/2 times selected) Average of 21.3
points, 3.0 rebounds and 5.0 assists in 3 games a week

. I think this one game alone deserves MVP of the week. It was a game that SK lost that day, but thanks to Kim Seon-hyung’s goal, they won. Also, isn’t he a player who pleases the fans? It was a great performance. Watching him play with his rhythm when breaking through and adjust his speed in front of the opponent’s defense in transition situations to make the layup successful, I thought that I must be 36 years old this year. The body is still well taken care of. The 47-point performance must have been one of the best scenes in KBL history. In the past, the 49-point performance was also great, but the match against Gas Corporation was so perfect that it was not lacking at all.”

“LG Foreign Player I want to pick two people as MVPs of the week. They complement each other so well. If there is anything in common, it’s just the way they’re different, but they’re good at defense, and their range is really wide. The 2v2 defense is also excellent. Cunningham has a great advantage in blocking shots, and Marey’s stealing ability is difficult for opponents to overcome. It is not easy for the two foreign players to do well as they split the playing time, but the sum is really good. It seems that we are faithfully fulfilling our roles while respecting each other. I think LG played the biggest role in securing the 2nd place. I think Marey and Cunningham might be the best foreign player combination this season.”

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