‘Kim Min-jae’s transfer turned the table upside down!’… Not a substitute for ‘Maguire’, but a substitute for ‘this player’… ‘Rising’ in both value and justification

 Kim Min-jae (Napoli) is rumored to be transferring to Manchester United in the English Premier League (EPL).

There is confusion over whether or not Kim Min-jae gave personal consent, but what is certain is that Manchester United is interested in Kim Min-jae, and Kim Min-jae is also interested in Manchester United. Because of this, local media are certain that Kim Min-jae will wear a Manchester United uniform in the summer transfer market.

However, when it came to Kim Min-jae’s recruitment to Man Utd, new news was delivered that could turn the ‘plate’ upside down. Initially, all local media predicted that Kim Min-jae would go as a replacement for Manchester United’s Harry Maguire. Maguire is a defender who has been degraded to ‘Gyereuk’. His mistakes and sluggishness overlapped, and he had his worst season, and it seems that he will part with Manchester United at the end of this season.

If Min-Jae Kim comes in as Maguire’s replacement, that means in effect he won’t be the starting force immediately. Maguire is not a starting player, and is a backup defender who occasionally plays in situations where the starting players cannot come out.

Of course, if he goes in as Maguire’s replacement, Kim Min-jae will have no choice but to be given this role. This is why some people advised that Manchester United, which cannot play as a starting player, is dangerous. I heard a voice saying that Kim Min-jae was not needed because he was sure to be the main player for Manchester United.

But the plate has changed. A media outlet emphasized that Kim Min-jae is not going to replace Maguire. He immediately claimed that he was going as a replacement for ‘Rafael Varane’. Baran is Manchester United’s undisputed main player and the world’s best center back beyond Man United.

However, Baran is also in his 30s this year, and has suffered frequent injuries recently. It is that Kim Min-jae will wear a Manchester United uniform to replace Man United’s key center back who is aging.메이저사이트

This is a different story from Maguire’s substitute. It means that Man Utd wants Kim Min-jae as the starting force immediately. It is news that both the value of Kim Min-jae and the reason for the transfer are bound to rise.

America’s ‘ClutchPoints’ said, “Man Utd has targeted South Korean center back Kim Min-jae. Recruiting Kim Min-jae will be a meaningful contract for Manchester United. The 26-year-old center back has shown his defensive skills and leadership at Napoli, and he will strengthen the United defensive line. He made an ideal candidate.”

Then, the media said, “The recruitment of Kim Min-jae is raising questions about the future of Man Utd center back Baran. Man U’s plan to reinforce the defense by recruiting Kim Min-jae can put pressure on Baran,” and said that Kim Min-jae is a defender who can replace Baran. Emphasized.

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