‘Kim Byung-su-ho’ started screaming… Suwon terminated the contract with Analyst Kim Tae-ryung of ‘Betting Information Post Controversy’

Professional soccer K League 1 Suwon Samsung terminated the contract with power analyst Kim Tae-ryung, who was at the center of the controversy over the betting information.

On the 11th, Suwon announced through the club’s social network service (SNS) that it “decided to terminate the contract under mutual agreement with Analyst Kim Tae-ryung.” “Analyst Kim recently felt responsible for the information in his name being posted on a football information site and announced his intention to resign in order not to burden the manager and the club, and the club decided to accept it,” he said.

Analyst Kim, who newly joined ‘Kim Byeong-su-ho’ on the 8th, recently became controversial as it was revealed that he provided prediction services with his face and name on a betting information site. On the 10th, when coach Kim Byung-soo’s debut game was held, on the site, in the name of analyst Kim, “‘Byung-soo Ball’ (coach Byung-soo Kim’s nickname) is a football I know well. I am confident of all-killing even the colon information.”메이저놀이터

Writing on a betting site by someone who knows the club’s circumstances is a matter that can be a serious leak of internal information. When the noise arose, Suwon explained, “It is true that analyst Kim worked for the betting company until 2016, but he currently works only as an advisor and does not write analysis articles.” “The post was posted without the permission of Analyst Kim,” he said. The post has already been taken down, and we have requested that an apology be posted.”

However, as industry insiders continued to testify that Analyst Kim had received financial compensation in the name of ‘advisory fees’, Suwon eventually chose to terminate the contract with Analyst Kim. It is a farewell after 3 days together. Suwon promised, “We will conduct a more thorough verification before appointing staff in the future.”

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