KBO plan to shorten professional baseball game time?

  • February 13, 2023

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I’m with reporter Kwon Ki-jun.


Gas Corporation, a professional basketball player who was on a losing streak, played three games both on weekdays and weekends. Is hope for spring basketball still alive?


Yes, KOGAS faced the 2nd placed team, Changwon LG, in a home game on the 8th.

As expected, it was a very difficult match.

The first quarter was down by one point, and the second quarter was back by one point.

However, it was reversed in the third quarter 74-82 and lost with a final score of 102-108.

They fell into a six-game losing streak, the team’s most in a season.

I’ve faced LG 5 times this season and I haven’t won once.

In an away game against Seoul SK the other day, he swallowed a bunru by blowing a chance to tie the score near the end of the 4th quarter.

Lee Dae-heon could only make one out of three free throws in the process of shooting a three-point shot, so he lost again with a 2-point difference, 85 to 89.

The most consecutive losses were extended to 7.

Yesterday (12th) in the home match against Anyang KGC, they were defeated 64-70, and the opposing team won 8 consecutive wins, but KOGAS broke the record for the most consecutive losses and won 8 consecutive losses.

By the end of the 2nd quarter, we had lost a game that was leading by 10 points.

There are now 14 matches left.

Given that last season’s top 6 teams recorded 27 wins, 27 losses, and a win rate of 50%, Daegu has to win all remaining games to expect to advance to the top 6 playoffs, that is, spring basketball. doesn’t seem to exist

It can be said that the most urgent thing for Gas Corporation now is to quickly break the endless losing streak even if it is not good for spring basketball.


Has the women’s professional volleyball road construction continued its winning streak?


On the 9th, the Korea Expressway Corporation had a 5th round match at home with GS Caltex, the 4th place team.

On the 27th of last month, in the 4th round against Caltex, the game ended at the end of deuce in 3 sets in a row, but the game also continued on the 9th.

After winning the first set, I lost 24 to 26 at the end of deuce, and in the second set, in the last deuce, Park Jung-ah’s dig was judged to be a defense failure as a result of the video review, so I gave it up 25 to 27.

The 3rd set was taken 25-20 without going to deuce, but in the 4th set, I lost 20-25 and lost 5 consecutive wins.

The road construction is maintaining the 3rd place with 15 wins and 12 losses and 44 points.

However, the points gap with Ginseng Corporation, which took away the 4th place by catching GS Caltex yesterday, narrowed a lot to 3 points, and the gap with

5th place GS Caltex was only 5 points, so it is necessary to work harder to secure the 3rd place. situation.

Highway Corporation will play the 5th round match against Hyundai Engineering & Construction, the number 1 team that has been a bit slow lately, at the Suwon Gymnasium tomorrow.


I heard that the local professional soccer teams starting the season soon will wear new uniforms?


Yes, Daegu FC has unveiled the uniforms that players will wear this season.

The home uniform colors for this season were sky blue for the top, navy blue for the bottom, and white for the away uniform, and the flame-shaped logo, which symbolizes the club, was designed to shine when exposed to light.

The goalkeeper’s home uniform is red, and the away uniform is purple.

We started selling uniforms both online and offline from 2:00 PM today.

Many of them have already been sold.

On the 26th, in the first round of the expedition against Pohang, the away uniform will be presented, and on the 4th of next month, the home uniform will be shown for the first time in the home opener against Jeju United.

The 2023 season uniforms for the 2nd Division Kim Cheon Sangmu have also been released.

The team’s official colors, red and navy, were added to the military uniform pattern.

On the sideline, the ‘Samsan’ pattern symbolizing Mt. Geumo, Mt. Daedeok, and Mt. Hwangak, one of the club’s representative identities, was engraved, and the emblem was attached to the center of both sleeves.

Pohang Steelers unveiled their season uniform yesterday to commemorate their 50th anniversary.

The 50th anniversary uniform is said to have been inspired by orange, the color of the Pohang Steelworks soccer team uniform in 1973, the first year of its foundation.

The main color of the uniform this season was ‘Orange Gold’, which combines the orange color of molten iron and the golden color symbolizing the club’s 50-year history.


What are the contents of the KBO strengthening related regulations to shorten the game time of professional baseball?


KBO’s position is to reduce unnecessary actions, interventions, and time delays during games so that fans and spectators can enjoy a smoother and faster game. 메이저놀이터

The KBO has set a goal of reducing the average playing time of 720 regular season games by 6 minutes from 3 hours 11 minutes last season to 3 hours 5 minutes this season based on 9 innings by strengthening the existing speed-up regulations.

First of all, we decided to reduce the amount of time the manager or coach goes up to the mound and talks to the pitcher during the game.

From 30 seconds last year to 25 seconds this year, the rules have been modified so that the manager or coach immediately returns to the dugout.

The catcher must be ready to catch by the time 30 seconds have elapsed so that the game can resume immediately after 30 seconds have elapsed.

The at-bat breakout prevention rule, which states that ‘from the moment the batter enters the batter’s box, must put at least one foot in the batter’, is also applied more strictly than in previous years.

In addition, after the end of the 5th inning, it was decided to ban the ‘social act’ in which players from both teams have private conversations during cleaning time, and add speed-up related content to the referee evaluation to increase the effectiveness of the rule.

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