Kazemi one-man show → ’36 rooms’… Korean Air, sweating on the stage

The men’s professional volleyball team Korean Air, which was on the stage of the Asian club, faced a series of challenges and fell to the 7th and 8th place matches. 

On the 20th (local time), Korean Air beat Kuwait Sporting Club with a set score of 1-3 (26-28, 25-21) in the 5th-6th place match of the 2023 Asian Men’s Club Volleyball Championship held at Isa Sports City Stadium in Manama, Bahrain. , 32-34, 23-25).

The score itself was close every game, but couldn’t overcome a single one. Not only was he bombed unilaterally by one of the opposing ace, Saber Kazemi (Iran), but he was also caught in the wrong room.

Coach Tillikainen started a large number of players who had not played much until just before. The first-ever lineup was established. Second-year setter Jeong Jin-hyeok, who played full-time in his first start against Bayanghongor the previous day, was again the starting setter this time. Son Hyeon-jong, who had played as an apologetic spiker the previous time, stood in the outside heater position this time, and Lee Joon stood on the opposite side. Lim Dong-hyuk, who took a break, took an apogee.

The beginning unfolded tensely. Korean Air put forward Lim Dong-hyuk’s offense, but the moment they needed defense, it collapsed without any countermeasures. The chance ball passed by the opponent was missed, and there was also a case of passing the opportunity without attempting an attack. 26-26, Oh Eun-ryeol was unable to clear the ball from behind and gave the score as it was. Here, Lim Dong-hyuk made an attack mistake, and the momentum eventually went over.

Korean Air barely put a counterfire in the second set. Kazemi made a big threat by hitting the sub ace three times in a row, but Lim Dong-hyuk’s avant-garde attack and Son Hyeon-jong’s time difference attack brought the atmosphere well.

But the victory ended there. In the 3rd set, Lim Dong-hyuk scored consecutively and Son Hyeon-jong blocked and scored 4 points in a row. 

Here, manager Tillikainen made a tight deuce by requesting a video reading for the opponent’s net touch. However, Kazemi broke the morale of Korean Air by using the strong serve. In addition, he made full use of unexpected quick attacks and brought all the matches down to the 3rd and 4th sets. 

Lim Dong-hyuk recorded a 54% success rate in 57 attack attempts that day and struggled, scoring 34 points including 2 sub-aces and 1 block. Lee Joon scored 14 points and Son Hyeon-jong scored 12 points.

However, it was not enough to overcome Kazemi’s ‘one-man bombing show’. Kazemi, who took 53% of the team’s attack, also recorded a 52% attack success rate. In addition, Korean Air could not overcome its true enemy, the 36 rooms, again.메이저사이트

After the match, head coach Tillikainen commented, “Kazemi is a player who knows how to score at important moments.”

He also gave a bitter review, saying, “We still have a long way to go, and I hope the players will have the idea that we have to raise our level further.” 

Coach Tillikainen said, “When the opponent paints or hits repeatedly, you have to make it an opportunity and score points, but since that part doesn’t work well, there are regrettable parts in the attack.” We need more basic skills,” he added.

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