Kang I-seul and Park Ji-soo “The goal is of course to win, and the wind is to be healthy”

Cheongju KB Stars, who ended the season in shock of the ‘defending champion’s fall’, gathered first and started training this off-season.

While the teams that made it to the semifinals are still on vacation, KB has already entered its fourth week of training.

Park Ji-soo, who couldn’t digest the season properly due to an unexpected diagnosis of panic disorder and finger surgery, and Kang I-seul, who couldn’t keep Park Ji-soo’s vacancy. It was the league’s strongest one-two punch in the 2021-22 season, but the two aces, who had to finish last season with regret, also started off-season training early.

Park Ji-soo, who experienced long off-season 토스카지노 training for the first time after joining the pro, said, “It’s already been a month. Training is really hard, but it seems like time flies because I’m having fun. I started training early because they matched me, but it seems that I am recovering well while training.”

Iseul Kang, who was late to join team training due to the FA contract, said, “I joined the team late, but I was building my body outside, so there is no big problem. I needed time to adapt to it because I had to do it. Now, the adaptation is over and the training is going well.”

Kang I-seul, who signed a two-year contract after obtaining FA qualification in 2021 and transferring to KB, chose to remain early this year when he obtained FA qualification again.

He said, “The situation was different from two years ago. Anyway, I basically thought about staying here, and it was time to think about myself. I didn’t worry about wanting to go to another team. There was no contact from other teams.”

KB also did not express objection to the contract with Kang Iseul, who was the largest among internal free agents during the free agency period. Kang Iseul’s stay was smooth in all respects, but the time was slightly delayed due to the contract period adjustment. Kang Iseul emphasized ‘recovery of self-esteem’ along with remaining at KB.

Iseul Kang said, “It’s a win in a big way, and it’s a personal record personally. In fact, looking at the record itself, there is no big difference from other seasons, except for the 3-point field goal rate. But players and people who watched the game know. Unlike the numbers, the record’s The quality has dropped a lot. The content itself is also a mess. I couldn’t make it 100% by the end of the season, and I was very angry with myself and sorry to the team for not being able to do that. My shot attempts decreased, and my misses increased. , Sometimes I couldn’t concentrate to the point of falling out of the game.

Did Park Ji-soo, who called Kang Isul directly when he transferred to KB two years ago, contacted him again this time?

Park Ji-soo said, “I didn’t contact them separately. I didn’t particularly worry or care. I didn’t think I was going anywhere because there was a story I had been talking about. I believed it would stay,” he said.

Iseul Kang said, “(Park) Ji-soo said before going on vacation, ‘Please take a proper rest before coming.’ “Two years later, when Jisoo becomes a free agent, I will do the same. I will say, ‘Relax well, play well, and then come back. Sign up and play’,” he laughed.

If free agency was a variable for Kang Iseul, Park Ji-soo’s physical condition is the biggest variable.

Panic disorder is not a disease whose prognosis can be accurately predicted. Although there is no possibility of quick recovery, the speed and degree of recovery vary greatly, and in many cases, it lasts for a long time without any particular reason.

Park Ji-soo said, “Today was a day when I was in a very good condition. In fact, I’m still in a situation where I come and go little by little. There are quite a few times when there are not that many good days on a weekly basis. It could be, but I don’t know which way it is. No one knows when my condition will deteriorate, so there is anxiety in this part. I hope it is a situation that is steadily improving.”

However, the goal for the season was clear. It is in line with Kang Iseul’s ‘recovery of self-esteem’.

Park Ji-soo said, “I have the mindset to put everything back in place. In fact, I felt that way since the regular league awards ceremony. On the other hand, I felt comfortable because I was not burdened with the award. There weren’t too many awards our team received. “I thought a lot about putting it back,” he said.

KB’s goal for the next season is to win. Both Iseul Kang and Jisoo Park have no objection to this goal. And he has himself. Kang I-seul and Park Ji-soo firmly said, “The goal is of course to win,” and “It is possible enough.”

However, all of them put the premise that “everyone should be healthy”. To that end, they all agreed that this off-season training was started early.

Kang I-seul and Park Ji-soo will be called up to the national team on the 15th. The national team will train at the Jincheon National Training Center, and on the 4th of next month, they will go to Latvia for training. At the end of June, he will participate in the Asian Cup held in Sydney, Australia, and then return to the team to train in Japan. And in August, the Asian Games will be held in Hangzhou, China.

The schedule isn’t too tight. However, I am determined to get good results by managing my condition well and prepare for the next season without any problems.

Park Ji-soo said, “Fans will have high expectations for my return, but I am trying to make my body good enough to meet those expectations. I’m very upset because I can’t promise anything, but I’ll do my best to prepare.”

Iseul Kang also said, “Last season was a very sad season for us and the fans, but I want to prepare well so that everyone starts and ends with a smile for the next season. I will

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