K-League widening gap between upper and lower ranks Daegu FC in desperate need of victory

It’s still early in the season, but the gap between the top and bottom teams  on the K-League 1 stage  is gradually widening, and the sense of crisis of Daegu FC, which is in the bottom ranks,  is growing.

In a situation where each team played 7 games,  Ulsan Hyundai leads with 18 points,  Pohang Steelers in second place with 15 points, and  Daejeon and Seoul  are in 3rd and 4th place with a difference of 1 point, respectively. Daegu FC  currently has 1 win and 3 points. With only 6 points from 3 draws,  they are in the bottom half of the standings in 10th place. There is a gap of 3 or 4 points between 11th place Gangwon and 12th place Suwon, who 메이저사이트

have not yet won a single league win,  but Daegu is in a position that cannot be relieved  . Although it is early in the league, the difference in points between the top and bottom teams  is around 10 points, and  it is necessary to win 2 to 3 games or more in order for the bottom teams  to jump above the middle ranks. With coach Lee Byeong-geun at the bottom of Suwon Samsung hardened, and  Jeonbuk Hyundai , which sits one step above Daegu on the leaderboard,  is also demanding  a replacement for the club leadership,  Daegu FC desperately needs a victory to resolve the chaotic atmosphere at the beginning  .

Daegu FC, who  suffered an unfortunate loss in the last round against Gwangju,  will play the last game of the two-game series against the promoted team this week against Daejeon Citizen  in a situation where only one win has been won in the league.

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