Jeonbuk lost 0-1 to Suwon FC with ‘Ras Final Goal’… 2 wins in 7 matches

 It was a fierce game.

Suwon FC beat Jeonbuk Hyundai 1-0 in the 7th round of the Hanawon Q K League 1 2023 held at Suwon Sports Complex at 7:00 pm on the 15th.

As a result of the day, Suwon FC recaptured 5th place with 10 points. Jeonbuk stayed in 8th place with 7 points.

The home team, Suwon FC, put Jang Jae-woong, Lars, and Jung Jae-yoon in the three-top lineup. Murilo, Yun Bitgaram, and Park Joo-ho lined up in the midfield. Jeong Dong-ho, Shinsegae, Lee Jae-seong, and Lee Yong took charge of the back four. No Dong-gun put on goalkeeper gloves.메이저사이트

For Jeonbuk, Song Min-gyu, Happa Silva, and Han Kyo-won were in charge of the offense. Jung Woo-jae, Amano Jun, Lee Soo-bin, and Maeng Seong-woong stepped up as midfielders. Park Jin-seop, Kim Geon-woong, and Hong Jeong-ho lined up for the three-back. The goal was guarded by Kim Jung-hoon.

In the early stages of the game, Suwon FC took the lead. They attacked Jeonbuk by increasing their possession of the ball. In 10 minutes, Lee Seung-woo and Lee Kwang-hyuk were put in and the reins of the attack were pulled. U-22 resources Jang Jae-woong and Jung Jae-yoon entered the bench. In the 15th minute, Lars managed to cross after the goalkeeper passed, but was blocked by Jeonbuk’s land defense.

The opening goal was scored. In the 27th minute, Lars finished with a right-footed shot from a counterattack. Song Min-kyu’s pass miss was fatal.

In the 38th minute, Shinsegae split the net with a mid-range shot from a corner kick. However, at the end of the video review (VAR), a handball foul was declared.

In the 43rd minute, Han Kyo-Won’s sharp right-footed shot was barely parried by Noh Dong-Gun. In the first half of extra time, Han Kyo-Won passed the goalkeeper and attempted a shot, but the ball hit the post. Lee Seung-woo’s volley shot just before the end of the first half was blocked by the goalkeeper. The first half ended with Suwon FC leading 1-0.

Jeonbuk put Baek Seung-ho and Lee Dong-jun in at the start of the second half. Suwon FC replaced Park Joo-ho with Kim Seon-min. In the 2nd minute, Silva’s header flew over the crossbar.

A fierce battle ensued. In the 14th minute, Lee Seung-woo’s shot at the door was blocked by the goalkeeper. In the 15th minute, Lee Dong-jun threw himself and attempted a shot, but it did not reach the end. In the 16th minute, Lee Kwang-hyeok’s header caught Kim Jeong-hoon’s fingertips. In the 20th minute, Yun Bitgaram created a one-on-one opportunity with a sensational pass, but Lars’ shot went wide of the goal.

Labor Gun saved the team from a crisis. In the 25th minute, Park Jin-seop’s mid-range shot and Song Min-gyu’s second shot were blocked with two saves.

The seesaw game continued. Jeonbuk launched an all-out offensive to make up for the goal. Suwon FC also continued to fight back. In the 40th minute, Lee Kwang-hyeok’s shot from near the penalty box missed slightly to the left. The match ended with Suwon FC winning 1-0.

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