Japanese reporters also know the reason for excluding ‘Ahn Woo-jin’, director Lee Kang-cheol “I have no regrets about the decision”

The Korean baseball team, led by coach Lee Kang-cheol, clearly revealed the problems of the pitching staff at the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC). In the first game of the tournament, Australia lost 8 points and fateful rival Japan lost by 13 points.

The national team won 22-2 in the final match against China in the 2023 WBC Round 1 Group B held at Tokyo Dome, Japan on the 13th. Although the first round elimination was confirmed, the last game ended with an exciting cold game.슈퍼벳 토토

He burst into flames with 22 points, the most ever in a single WBC match. Coach Lee said after the game, “In the last game, the players did their best without losing concentration until the end, so we were able to win well.”

However, in the Group B match held earlier, Australia confirmed the second place in the group, failing to secure the right to advance to the quarterfinals given to the top two teams. They finished the first round in 3rd place with a record of 2 wins and 2 losses.

In response, Director Lee said, “I sincerely thank the fans who came to the ballpark even though it was decided to be eliminated,” and “I want to say sorry to the fans in Korea.”

“The players prepared well and did their best,” he said. “This result came about because I was lacking. I’m sorry.” I took all the responsibility for being eliminated in the first round of this tournament.

The national team showed an uneasy appearance on the mound in this tournament. In response, a Japanese reporter asked if it was regrettable that Woo-jin Ahn (Kiwoom), who played an active role as the best pitcher in the KBO League last year, was not selected.

Last year, An Woo-jin performed brilliantly, winning two crowns in the pitcher category, ranking first in ERA (2.11) and strikeouts (224). However, he was embroiled in controversy over school violence in the past, and he was not called up to the national team for this tournament.

Director Lee drew the line, “I still have no change and no regrets about the decision (not to pick Ahn Woo-jin).”

Active big leaguer Tommy Hyeonsu Edman (St. Louis) is a Korean-American and participated in this tournament wearing the Taegeuk mark. He was recognized for his excellent defense on the American Major League (MLB) stage, so he had high expectations for his performance in this tournament, but he showed a somewhat disappointing appearance.

However, coach Lee said, “The result was not good, but I got along well with the players and there was no problem with teamwork.”

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