‘It wasn’t intentional’ ‥ “You have to hit forward!”

A dizzying happening between the catcher and the batter during the game.

Top play starts.

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An exhibition match between Kiwoom and LG.

LG’s hopeful Myeong-geun Park strikes out with a wriggling fastball.

By the way, player Lim Ji-yeol was surprised, right? 메이저놀이터

Watching it again, Lim Ji-yeol’s bat hit catcher Park Dong-won’s throwing the ball to third base.

It was a moment that could have led to an injury, so Park Dong-won was also surprised.

Fortunately, it passed without major mishaps.


Even in the major leagues, there was an incident between the catcher and the batter.

Kansas City catcher Perez was hit by a foul ball that was missed, but was hit again by the next foul ball.

Peres endured the pain for a while.

As if this situation was absurd, he took off his mask and burst out laughing, so he shouted at the batter.

“You have to hit forward!”

Perez hit the hitter’s butt once and immediately returned to duty.

I can feel the composure of a 13-year veteran catcher who has won five Gold Gloves.

He has been a top play so far.

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