“Is this a strike?” “If so, a home run.

San Diego’s Ha-Sung Kim responds to a questionable ball call with a home run to kick off Top Play.

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Kim Ha-seong bats seventh today,

scores the team’s first run on a sacrifice fly in his first at-bat.

Then, in the fourth inning, it’s his second at-bat.

He scratches his head as a low ball is called a strike.

When you look again, the ball was out of the zone.

You’re tempted to get a little excited or complain, but instead you call for a timeout to compose yourself.

Guess what?

He pulls the very next pitch and hits a solo home run over the left field fence.

His ninth home run of the season.

It was a 156.6-mile-per-hour fastball, the fastest home run he’s ever hit in the majors.

A double that rolls to the fence in the eighth inning.

He continues to be the team’s most consistent performer.

Next up is Ohtani.

In his last at-bat of the ninth inning, he hits his 29th home run of the season over the center field fence.

It’s a huge home run, traveling a whopping 133 meters.온라인바카라

Fourteen home runs this month alone.

He ties the franchise record for most home runs in a month and is now one away from 30 for the third straight year.

The last one was a blown home run.

With two outs in the top of the 10th inning of extra innings, the runner on third boldly slides into home plate.

The initial call was an out, but on replay, he deftly avoided the catcher’s tag.

Top play so far.

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