Is it MLB tyranny that ‘stopped dreams’? it’s a shame. Choi Ji-man failed to join

 WBC Choi Ji-man failed to join, was it MLB tyranny?

On the 5th, Choi Ji-man’s participation in the national team was canceled after the WBC Organizing Committee (WBCI) informed him through the KBO that he could not participate in the WBC.

On the 6th, the KBO said, “The Pittsburgh Pirates, a club belonging to Ji-man Choi, expressed a medical objection to participation in the WBC due to the history of Ji-man Choi’s surgery.” Accordingly, the WBCI held an injury review committee to We deliberated on whether to be allowed to participate in the WBC, and expressed our refusal to join.”

In an interview with reporters before leaving for the United States last month, Choi Ji-man clearly expressed his intention to participate, saying, “I am appealing to the Pittsburgh club. I really want to participate in the WBC.”

Until now, he has no experience joining the national team in the WBC, the Olympics, and the Premier 12th international competition. 

As an individual player, he was looking forward to his first Taegeuk mark dream in his life.

However, in the case of the WBC, it is a tournament hosted by the Major League Secretariat. 

For this reason, major league clubs can strongly oppose selection to international competitions for reasons such as the health of their players.

In addition, Choi Ji-man’s current salary negotiations with the Pittsburgh club have not been completed. 

Various external factors, such as the current salary adjustment committee application, seem to have influenced Choi Ji-man’s selection.

In addition, 18 players from the Dominican Republic, which were previously called candidates for the championship, were unable to join the national team due to opposition from major league clubs. 먹튀검증

Exactly which players from the Dominican Republic were included on the opposition list has not been disclosed, but it is likely that a large number of all-star players active in the major leagues will be on the list.

At the time, local media in the Dominican Republic pointed out that it was “MLB’s tyranny.”

It is true that Choi Ji-man suffered from an elbow injury. Even now, he is concentrating on his rehabilitation in the United States. 

However, when I saw the team’s delayed reply and the salary issue, I am concerned that it was not a one-sided opposition from Pittsburgh, a major league club, this time.

Meanwhile, the KBO picked SSG Landers Choi Ji-hoon as a substitute for Choi Ji-man.

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