“I’m tired” residuals start, and the real “skill” is not getting hurt.

  • September 12, 2023

Beyond September, there are two words you hear most in the field. They are “tired” and “stamina”. As long as you’re human, you’re bound to get tired. Even professional athletes have it tough. But at this point, getting injured is devastating. There comes a point when injury prevention is also a skill.

It’s been a tough week for KBO clubs. There were doubleheaders in four different stadiums on the 9th. It was tough for both the managers and the players.

Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop and Samsung manager Park Jin-man said, “I’ve never played a doubleheader as a manager before. It’s not easy. It was not easy because we had to think about the second game while playing the first game,” they said.

Naturally, the players are tired. It’s September, but it’s still hot. It’s not like the heat of the summer, but you’re still sweating. You can lose a few pounds after just one game. After playing two games, you’re bound to be tired.

Especially in the case of Doosan, we even played on Monday the 4th. The game on the fifth was canceled due to rain, but it’s not like they couldn’t rest when they needed to.

Yang Seok-hwan said on the 10th, “It’s too hard physically. I played in Busan on Monday and then came up and prepared for the game right away. In effect, I played baseball for two weeks straight. I’m physically tired and mentally exhausted.” Despite his good performance, which included a home run, his expression remained stoic.

Kang Seung-ho also said, “Honestly, I’m tired. I think it’s the same for all the players. We need to eat well and rest well. I will spend the rest day well.” The opposing Samsung players also said, “The weather is still hot and it’s hard. Still, it’s the end of the season, so we have to play hard.”

The rest of the schedule starts on the 12th. There will be two three-game series and one day off. The schedule varies from team to team, but it’s generally choppy.

That means a lot of traveling. You might have to pack your bags today, travel to a different stadium, unpack, and then pack again after the game. That’s work. On top of that, you’re on a bus for hours on end.

There might be another doubleheader. There is a doubleheader scheduled for SSG-LG on the 17th. Furthermore, there were additional games that were canceled due to rain after the rest of the schedule was finalized. We’ll deal with this later. There could be another day with two games in one day.

The end of the season is always tough. They complained of fatigue and difficulties. On the one hand, it’s inevitable. You have to play the season. It’s time to think about ‘how to play well’.

As of November 11, KIA has the most games remaining with 30, and Kiwoom has the least with 13. Winning is good, fighting for the top five is good, but the most important thing is to avoid injuries. If you’re injured, you can’t do anything. The team cries at the loss of power.스포츠토토

If a player is selected for the Asian Games, it’s even more devastating. It’s the most difficult time of the year, so you need to be extra careful.

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