I’m nervous because of Kim Min-jae’s buyout… Naples, troublesome

Napoli are afraid of losing Kim Min-jae because of the buyout clause.

Kim Min-jae is being linked with a number of English Premier League (EPL) clubs. Initially, it was expected that the second match between Manchester United and Liverpool would take place, but recently, the news that Manchester City is also interested in Kim Min-jae has been reported, and more teams connected to Kim Min-jae have increased. What is certain is that several big clubs are interested in recruiting Kim Min-jae.

The more teams are interested in Kim Min-jae, the more anxious Napoli becomes. Kim Min-jae joined Napoli ahead of this season, but he stood tall as the team’s main defender in just one season. Napoli is currently on the verge of winning Italy’s Serie A, and this season’s European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) also reached the quarterfinals, the club’s best record ever. Like other players, Kim Min-jae contributed a lot to Napoli’s performance this season. No team will welcome the loss of a player who plays an important role in the team after only one season. Same with Naples.메이저사이트

There are more factors that make Napoli uneasy. This is Kim Min-jae’s buyout. It is known that Kim Min-jae’s buyout could increase from 50 million euros (approximately 73.8 billion won) to a maximum of 70 million euros (approximately 103.4 billion won). For EPL teams with financial capabilities, it is an amount worth considering spending when recruiting a player of the same level as Kim Min-jae. In addition, this clause is said to be in effect for 14 days from July 1 to 15, when the summer transfer market is held. It is deadly content for Naples.

Napoli is also known to be uneasy about Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause. Italian media ‘Il Napoli Star’ said, “Napoli is afraid of losing a player because of Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause. Kim Min-jae’s problem is probably the most troublesome problem for Napoli.” said there is

There is a way. It is to remove the buyout clause through contract renewal. The media explained, “Fortunately, Kim Min-jae is doing well in Naples, and the buyout clause can be removed by negotiating a new contract and salary.”

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