“I’ll show you 7 pieces of gold” from The Avengers next month’s father Bongil Gu

  • February 19, 2023

Koo Bon-gil (34, National Sports Promotion Agency) is the pillar of the Korean men’s fencing team (sabre), which is considered the world’s strongest. Along with Kim Jung-hwan (40), Kim Jun-ho (29), and Oh Sang-wook (27), they are called the ‘Avengers (Avengers + Fencing)’. They jointly won a gold medal in the team event at the Tokyo Olympics two years ago. In August of last year, it became the first Asian country to win four consecutive World Championship team events.

Bongil Gu had a special experience recently. On the 13th (Korean time), he participated in the Men’s Saber World Cup, which ended in Warsaw, Poland, with his juniors Ha Han-sol (30), Do Kyung-dong (24), and Park Sang-won (23). Oh Sang-wook is recovering from ankle surgery, and Kim Jung-hwan and Kim Jun-ho went out with the other members because their elbows weren’t good. However, at the World Cup, where he participated with his juniors, he again won a gold medal in the team event. Koo Bon-gil said, “I felt bewildered because everyone went to the tournament with their minds empty. The juniors really performed well beyond expectations,” he said. “Coaches and players from other countries were also surprised when they asked, ‘How old are those players?’” he said.

The splendid achievements made by the juniors also spurred other ‘Avengers’ members who were cheering in Korea. Recently at the Jincheon National Training Center in North Chungcheong Province, he said, “The other three members were sincerely happy and said ‘congratulations’.” The Avengers and juniors have gained confidence that they can become stronger together in the future.”

In September, the Hangzhou Asian Games, which were postponed for a year due to the aftermath of Corona 19, will be held. Bongil Gu is waiting for September with his teammates. The Asian Games are rather more psychologically stressful than the Olympics. It is because the view of the people around them that ‘even if they win the gold medal’ is burdensome. In particular, Koo Bon-gil challenges to win two gold medals in the individual and team competitions in this competition.

Only two players per country can participate in the Asian Games individual event. The representative players will be determined in order of world ranking prior to the final entry submission. As of the 19th, Koo Bon-gil has the highest ranking (5th place) among Korean players. Having won three individual matches since the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, he said, “I want to become the first Korean player to win four consecutive Asian Games.” 카지노사이트

An even greater glory awaits him if he wins two gold medals. Koo Bon-gil has already won five gold medals in the Asian Games. He holds the record for the most gold medals for a Korean player in the Asian Games with 6. Park Tae-hwan (swimming), Nam Hyeon-hee (fencing), and Ryu Seo-yeon (bowling) took first place in the most gold medal category with 6 gold medals each. It is an opportunity for Koo Bon-gil to surpass them and become the most gold medalist in Asian Games history. Goo Bon-gil said, “Since a special opportunity has come, I really want to make my dream come true.”

He had poor results in the individual event for a while, but gained confidence by winning the individual event at the Asian Championships in June of last year. Coach Won Woo-young, who won the gold medal in the team event at the 2012 Tokyo Olympics, was a decisive helper. Koo Bon-gil said, “I am the original style of attacking by stretching out my body. However, as I got older, I gradually stopped doing it or tried to replace it with other movements. Thanks to the coach pointing out that part, I regained my old style,” he said.

Bongil Koo becomes his father early next month. After getting married in October 2019, he had his first son in about three years. He said, “I still don’t feel good about it. Still, he wants to be a proud dad to his son,” he said. My goal is to be one year older than Kim Jeong-hwan (40 years old) will retire,” he laughed.

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