I saw the tears of Kiwoom fans…

 The 2022 Korean series ended with SSG’s historic ‘wire-to-wire’. However, the Kiwoom team, which was in the dugout on the other side, also received applause as big as SSG. There was no one to criticize the players who did their best to the end in difficult conditions.

Kiwoom, who had not received a very high evaluation in terms of objective power until the season, was invited back to the fall stage after completing the regular season without difficulty. After that, they defeated kt in the semi-playoffs and LG in the playoffs in succession, and in the Korean Series, they were equally good with 2 wins and 2 losses until the 4th game. Knowing the hard work of the players, Kiwoom fans shed tears after the runner-up was confirmed.

Even for Kiwoom players, 2022 remains a regret. Lee Jung-hoo, the best hitter in the league, said he remembers the fans’ tears and said, “I still can’t forget the last game last year. We finished runner-up because we lost just two wins over the championship team.” Following the coronation ceremony of the best pitcher in the regular season, An Woo-jin, who fought hard to the end despite the aftermath of the blisters in the postseason, was also unable to speak for a moment, saying, “If I say I have no regrets, it is of course a lie. My brothers and sisters all worked hard together…”.

It would have been less regretful if he had been eliminated before that or was unilaterally pushed out of the Korean series. The players are still holding on to the pain because the opportunity to win was clearly given. So, the resolution for the new season is getting bigger. I saw the tombstone standing at the top right in front of me. Taking a picture in front of the tombstone is Kiwoom’s goal this season. 메이저놀이터

There is an aspect of strength. In the free agent (FA) market, they recruited veteran fastball sidearm Won Jong-hyun, and in the second-team free agent market, they acquired outfielder Lee Hyung-jong. Lim Byeong-wook was discharged, and new players who tasted the first team last year are expected to grow further based on that experience. The best players in the league, Lee Jung-hoo and Ahn Woo-jin, are still alive and well. This is Lee Jung-hoo’s last season before going to the major leagues. All of the players must have a strong consciousness of “I have to do it this time.”

Lee Jung-hoo, who captained the team this year, said, “The atmosphere is the biggest strength of our team. In such an atmosphere of young players, many veteran seniors who can hold us well have come.” I think that you have to do it to improve your power. Based on last year’s experience, I hope to grow a lot during this camp and show a good image during the season. I hope that we will engrave the things that happened last year in our hearts and our fans will shed tears of joy this year. I will work hard to make it possible.”

Ahn Woo-jin also said, “I’m preparing hard to throw the mound so that the fans don’t shed tears.” was confident

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