“I can run 8m40 no matter what shoes I wear”… Proof of Tentoglu, 8m41

  • February 16, 2023

 Correspondent Han Nam-jik = Men’s long jump Miltiadis Tentoglu (25, Greece), who strongly protested against the ‘shoe regulation’ of the World Association of Athletics Federations and assured that “I can run 8m40 with any shoes,” is actually I ran 8m41.

Tentoglu won by jumping 8m41 in the 2023 World Athletics Federation Indoor Tour Gold in Liebeng men’s long jump final held in Lieven, France on the 16th (Korean time). The record of second place Tobias Montler (27, Sweden) was 8m06.

A day before the competition, Tentoglu posted a picture of three spikes on his social network service (SNS) and said, “The three spikes are almost the same shoes, only different colors. Two shoes are allowed. Is that understandable?” he strongly criticized the World Association of Athletics Federations.

At the indoor tour held in Torun, Poland on February 9, Tentoglu jumped 8m40 to take first place and set a world record this season.

However, on the 15th, the World Association of Athletics Federations announced that “Tentoglu violated the shoe regulations” and ‘deleted’ his Torun competition record.

The World Association of Athletics Federations updates ‘approved competition shoes for each event’ from time to time and posts them on its website. Athletes may also request approval for competition shoes.

The shoes Tentoglu wore at Torun were not on the list of approved long jump boots.

Although Tentoglu claimed it was “the same type of shoe,” the sole thickness of the spikes worn at the Torun competition seems to have exceeded 20 mm. 먹튀검증

In fact, what Tentoglu wants to point out the most is the ‘shoe sole thickness standard’.

Tentoglu insisted, “People who don’t know anything about track and field and shoes set the rules for the shoes of the World Association of Athletics Federations. In the long jump event, thick soles are rather uncomfortable. The shoes are heavy, so it’s difficult to run.”

At the end of the article, he assured me, “I can run 8m40 anytime. Shoes are not a problem at all.”

So for Tentoglu, the results of the Liebeng competition were important.

Wearing shoes approved by the World Association of Athletics Federations in advance, Tentoglu ran 8m41, the world’s first record this season.

Tentoglu is a star player who won the gold medal at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics (8m41), the gold medal at the 2023 Belgrade World Indoor Championships (8m55), and the silver medal at the 2022 Eugene Outdoor World Championships (8m32).

Tento Glu, who had a conflict with the World Athletics Federation over his shoe regulations, supported his argument with ‘skills’.

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