‘I am the king of greetings!’ Kim Min-jae and Lim Dong-hyuk ‘Welcome to Incheon’

 ‘Welcome to Incheon’ Incheon Korean Air jumbos Kim Min-jae and Lim Dong-hyuk welcomed the Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance players who visited their home court, Incheon Gyeyang Gymnasium.

Min-jae Kim and Dong-hyuk Lim exchanged greetings with Samsung Fire & Marine players on the court for training before the game. They asked about each other’s condition and greeted each other affectionately.

Volleyball is not a sport where you fight against the opposing team. They share the court with the net in between, so they don’t talk much with their opponents during the game. Of course, there is no skinship during the game.

The players of Korean Air, the top team in the league, and the players of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, the bottom team in the league, warmly exchanged greetings and confirmed each other’s safety. 토토사이트

After leaving the game, he crossed over to the opponent’s court and exchanged friendly greetings. Korean Air’s Kim Min-jae gave a hug after a high-five with Samsung Fire & Marine’s foreign player Ik Bai-ri.

Korean Air Lim Dong-hyuk had a long conversation with Samsung Fire & Marine Libero Sang-wook Lee. During the match, he competes as a spiker and a libero, but off the pitch, he is just his close brother and sister.

Men’s volleyball players have to compete fiercely with the net between them, but outside the game, regardless of their performance, they confirmed their friendship.

The match between Korean Air and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance was a match like a lie, with Korean Air winning the first and second sets and losing the third, fourth, and fifth sets in a row, with the last player taking the lead.

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