‘Horror Show → Iron Rice Bowl’ De Gea, there is a reason… “Because ST-MF is more urgent”

Manchester United are set to re-contract goalkeeper David de Gea. There is a reason why release is not a priority despite unstable performance.

De Gea is out of contract with Manchester United at the end of this season. We’ve been together since 2011, so it’s already been over 10 years. De Gea is 33 years old, so he might be thinking about a replacement, but Manchester United is offering a renewal contract.

The two sides seem to have reached an agreement on drastically reducing the basic weekly wage. According to the UK’s The Sun, the current weekly wage of £375,000 (approximately KRW 620 million) is expected to be reduced by half to £200,000 (approximately KRW 330 million) when the contract is renewed. De Gea expressed dissatisfaction with the huge salary cut, but came close to staying with the high option amount included.토스카지노

The question is whether De Gea is competitive enough to renew a long-term contract. De Gea made several mistakes in the second leg of the UEFA Europa League quarterfinals against Sevilla during the week, providing an excuse for a complete defeat. There was room for change in perception because the team made a big mistake in dropping out at the time of his contract renewal.

But De Gea isn’t on Manchester United’s quick release list. ‘Express’ manager Eric ten Hag decided to release 15 candidates for the loss against Sevilla, but De Gea was not included.

There is a reason. ‘The Athletic’ explained, “De Gea is not the goalkeeper who builds comfortably that Ten Hag goalkeeper wants. However, the reason the renewal negotiations are going on is because the reinforcement position is the striker first and the midfield second.” Manager Ten Hag is also concerned about De Gea’s decline, but he agrees that it is less urgent than strikers and midfielders.

As much as that, Manchester United is in urgent need of change across all positions. I’m going to trust De Gea relatively, as I’m going to have to tinker with half of my squad this summer.

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