Holland, 325 billion mega deal → Not Man City

 Manchester City’s Erling Haaland has signed a new contract. It is 20 million pounds a year, or about 32.5 billion won.

The Sun reported on the 4th that ‘Holland has signed a £20 million mega deal. But not Manchester City.” It is nothing but a sponsor contract. It is said that Haaland signed a new contract under the condition that he wear Nike soccer boots during the game.

Reportedly, the £20 million a year Haaland receives is the biggest sponsorship deal in football. In particular, the contract is said to be a long-term contract lasting more than 10 years. It is said that he has become the ‘new face of No9’, surpassing Cristiano Ronaldo, who was the face of Nike. That’s over £200m in 10 years. 온라인바카라

Holland, 22, has worked with Nike since he was 14. The contract ended in January, and after two months of negotiations, a long-term contract of 20 million pounds was drawn.

Over the past February, global sports brands have mobilized to catch Holland. Puma and Adidas provided soccer boots to catch him. However, in the bidding competition between the three companies, it is said that Nike eventually became the goddess of victory.

As Haaland signed with Nike, the Nike squad includes Paris Saint-Germain’s Kylian Mbappe, Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford, Harry Kane, Kevin de Bruyne and Ronaldo. In addition to these, female soccer players were also included.

After signing the contract, Nike said, “We signed a long-term contract with Holland’s record-breaking score. I will make him the successor to the next-generation striker, number 9.”

Haaland joined Manchester City from Dortmund last summer for a fee of £51.4m.

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