Heo Ye-eun’s training diary was filled with “I also realized my dream. I hope the juniors don’t give up either.”

“She was a role model for me, and together we realized our dream of wearing the Taekwondo mark. I hope to see the juniors here on the WKBL court in a few years.”

The 2023 Ahn Deok-soo-Assist Girls Basketball Camp with Wilson, which began on the 17th and ended on the 18th, is centered around Ahn Deok-soo, with Gimpo City Basketball Association President Koo Jung-ho, Cheongju Girls High School Coach Lee Young-hyun, and KB Stars’ Heo Ye-eun as the coaching staff.

The addition of KB Stars’ Heo Ye-eun to the coaching staff was one of the most talked-about topics ahead of the camp, which brought together 17 female basketball prospects. Heo joined the camp at the request of camp director Ahn Deok-soo and gave up her vacation days to join the two-day camp for the juniors.

“I want to tell them as much as possible about the difference between amateur and professional basketball and how to prepare for it,” Heo said before the camp.

From the start of the camp, He sincerely started coaching the younger players, giving them a variety of advice and demonstrating moves.

She showed a strong big sisterly presence at the camp and was eager to share what she knew with them.

“Actually, when I saw the coaches on the team, I thought, ‘I shouldn’t be a coach because it’s too hard,'” she said. But when I actually tried it, I think I got a lot from the juniors,” she said of her coaching debut, adding, “The kids were working very hard, so I thought it was fun and I should teach them harder. At the beginning of the camp, they were awkward, so I fought a lot, but even that was fun,” he said, adding that the time with the juniors was valuable.

“Six years ago, I was a middle school student myself. It seems like just yesterday that I was teaching junior high school students. Through the juniors at this camp, I learned to be innocent again when I was younger, and I got a refreshing feeling that I can only feel during my school days. I feel like I’m getting good energy from them,” he added.

“It was fun, but I realized that teaching someone is very hard and not an easy task,” said Heo Ye-eun, who led by example as a professional athlete during the camp.

“In a few years, some of these kids could be my teammates or fellow players. When I looked at my training journal in middle school, I saw that I had written down Woori Bank’s (Kim) Danbi so many times. I don’t know why I wrote so much about how cool she is (laughs). At the time, she seemed far away, but I worked hard and realized my dream of playing on the national team with her. I think the athletes here can definitely fulfill their dreams if they work hard,” she said, explaining her anecdote.

“Don’t give up on what you’ve learned here and keep practicing, because it will definitely be yours,” said Heo Ye-eun, who also gave advice to her juniors during training. The players were also inspired by her words and became more serious about their training.메이저사이트

Heo Ye-eun, who had to give up her vacation days but was still working hard because she believed in the words of Camp Director Ahn Deok-soo, said, “Director Ahn said he would reward me after the camp. I believe in his words like an iron stone and am looking forward to it (laughs).” He joked, “The players’ attitudes were more serious and the atmosphere was better than I expected, so I thought it was a good idea to participate. “It was an honor to have the opportunity to help the juniors thanks to Camp Director Ahn, and it was also fun for me personally. I look forward to seeing them on the WKBL court someday,” he said, wishing them well in their future endeavors.

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