Heo Woong is especially lonely in Wonju.

 Heo Woong once again left Wonju bitterly, although he scored 32 points, the highest for an individual this season.

On December 31, in the 3rd round head-to-head match held at the Wonju General Gymnasium, Heo Ung visited Wonju, his parents’ home, for the first time. Moreover, the interest of many basketball fans was focused on the game played as a basketball spirit. Heo Woong recorded 17 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists in 28 minutes and 58 seconds, but lost 90-102. He had to laugh bitterly.

On the 28th, Heo Ung visited Wonju again for the 4th round match against DB. Acting coach Kim Joo-seong was also wary of such Heo Woong. Before the game, he emphasized the defense of Huh Woong, the main scorer.

Nevertheless, Heo Woong played 32 minutes and 36 seconds, recording 32 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists. It was the most goals scored by an individual this season.

Heo Woong shook off strong defense from the first quarter and scored 8 points with two 3-point shots and a cut-in. In the second quarter, he boosted his energy level even more. He scored 11 points, assisted Kim Ji-wan’s three-point shot and Kim Sang-gyu’s mid-range shot. 1 minute and 6 seconds before the end of the second quarter, trailing 38-42, he made a 3-point shot and chased DB with a one-point difference (41-42). 토토사이트

However, support from teammates lasted until the first half. Entering the 3rd quarter, KCC did not score any points other than Heo Woong’s 8 consecutive points for about 6 minutes. During this time, DB drove 19 points. In an instant, KCC fell behind by 18 points (49-67). In the 4th quarter, Heo Woong recorded 5 points and 2 rebounds with 3-point shots, but he could not overturn the score difference that had already occurred and his stamina was exhausted. In the end, KCC lost 73-89.

Heoung’s helper Laguna lost the air supremacy battle and only scored 10 points, and Ronde Hollis Jefferson only scored 4 points. Only 14 points were scored by the two foreign players. Domestic players were also not helpful to Heo Woong. There was no domestic player who scored in double digits.

In this way, Heoung had to taste defeat once again in Wonju. Standing on the coat, he was lonely.

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