‘Have you lost your strength already?’ Unsolved Bauer Worst-Two Mysteries

It seems to have been more shocking in that he is the strongest foreign pitcher of all time.

The aftermath of the sluggishness of Traver Bauer (32), who was expelled from the major leagues for being involved in sexual assault, continues for a long time.

The Japanese media is still busy analyzing the cause of Bauer’s failure.

Bauer was sluggish with 7 runs in 6 innings in the match against Yomiuri held at Niigata Stadium on the 9th. He pitched underpowered enough to allow three home runs.

In the second inning with a 1-0 lead, Bauer hit a home run from Okamoto to tie the game. After that, Kadowaki got a timely hit from 2nd and 2nd base and allowed a reversal.

In the 6th inning, which was 2 runs behind, Oshiro and Kadowaki each allowed 2 home runs and allowed 4 runs. The result of the game was the first loss with 11 hits and 7 runs in 6 innings.

Tanishige, the legendary Japanese catcher, attributed Bauer’s sluggish performance to a lack of strength. The sudden drop in power was a mystery.

Tanishige said about Bauer’s pitching, “There is no doubt that he is a good pitcher,” and then said, “Today was the second game, and the ball was high overall. I think it can be suppressed if there is power (on the ball), but if there is no power even a little, wouldn’t it be the same as today?”

Also, “It could be because today is the first mound at the Niigata Stadium. Being embarrassed by the difference in environment is also one of the causes of hunting,” he said.

It can be said that it is a mystery that one’s strength dropped overnight. Unlike the first appearance, the loss of power on the ball was noticeable, and the high ball that worked in the first game did not work today, allowing for hitting.메이저사이트

Mr. Saito, who was in charge of commentating the game, said, “Today, both my fastball and slider were high. In the last appearance, it was a foul even if the slider was high, but today there was no ball to suppress. After all, I am worried when the ball gets higher,” he pointed out the lack of control.

It’s definitely not a good sign that fitness issues are already being raised. Loss of control is also a phenomenon that can occur when power eventually decreases.

It can’t be a serious problem that physical strength reveals its limits at this point. Bauer’s sudden shaking control can only be analyzed as a mystery.

Since then, attention has been focused on the next appearance of Bauer.

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