Hangzhou’s AG roster nears submission, ‘wild card’ centerline of Sun Hong-ho Huang disrupted

Hwang Sun-hong’s Hangzhou Asian Games soccer team is close to submitting its final roster. “The deadline for the KFA to submit the roster to the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) is the 15th. We are making a final check to see if there are any changes before then.” While Hwang is keeping a close eye on injuries, the three wildcards (athletes over the age of 23) have been set early on. He had centerline resources in mind: a frontline striker, a central midfielder, and a center back. “Park Jin-seop and Baek Seung-ho are virtually a lock, and Seol Young-woo is likely to be a wildcard, pending coordination with Lee Min-gyu,” said multiple sources familiar with the U24 team’s situation.카지노

Hwang wanted a clear-cut goalie up front and had already met with Ulsan head coach Hong Myung-bo earlier this month before handing over the first list to the KFA to discuss the possibility of recalling Lee Min-kyu. However, the mood was negative. Both the club and the player were in the same position. From the club’s point of view, they would have to juggle the K League with the Asian Champions League during the Hangzhou Asian Games. The players also lacked motivation. Lee In-gyu has already completed his military service with Sangju Commerce. Of course, he would answer the call of his country, but the special benefit of military service for winning a gold medal is not an incentive for him.

The wild card was therefore tilted toward Seol Young-woo. Seol made his A-match debut on March 20 in a friendly against El Salvador. At the time, Seol was playing at right fullback and impressed with his impeccable defense as well as his witty play in implementing A team coach Jürgen Klinsmann’s tactics.

Things are not all rosy for Hwang before he lifts the lid. The team suffered a series of injuries in the two games against China late last month, including Uhm Won-sang, who was hit by a “Shaolin football” in the second game, and it’s hard to see a wild card. With two months to go, we’re looking forward to Hwang’s breakthrough and his best options.

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