Ha-seong Kim, a free agent transfer student pushed to second base, batting average of 0.159 in May…it is time to rebound

San Diego Padres Xander Bogarts (31) is struggling with sluggishness.

On the 15th (Korean time), Bogarts started as the 4th batter shortstop in the away game against the LA Dodgers in the ‘2023 Major League Baseball’ held at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California, USA. On the day, he went 4-for-1 with 1 hit and 2 strikeouts. Key hitters, including Bogarts, were silent at every crucial moment, and San Diego lost 0-4 to the Dodgers, losing five in a row.

Bogatz’s bat was not powerful. In the first inning, when lead batter Fernando Tatis Jr. made a double, Bogatz stood at bat. At this time, Tatis Jr. succeeded in stealing the base and created a scoring opportunity. However, Bogatz struck out on a swing and withdrew.

He also failed to produce a hit in the fourth inning. Bogatz, who started as the lead hitter, retired with a shortstop grounder after a 7-pitch battle. He also blew a scoring chance in the 6th inning. When Manny Machado’s walk resulted in second out and first base, Bogarts missed the bat.

9th inning, trailing 0-4. He hit the first hit of the game that day in a situation where the victory was already positive. With no runners on the first run, Bogatz hit a double through the middle left. Later, when Jake Cronenworth grounded to first base, he settled on third base, but could not hit home as Nelson Cruz struck out.

It is Bogatz whose batting pace has dropped significantly since May. He went 7-for-44 with a batting average of 0.159, a slugging percentage of 0.227, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.472 in 11 games. He hasn’t been able to play a significant role in the center of the batting line.메이저사이트

Bogatz came out on the free agent market last winter and wore a San Diego uniform for 280 million dollars (approximately 373.4 billion won) in 11 years. This is because he was not satisfied with Kim Ha-seong, who showed a stable defense enough to be named as a finalist for the Gold Glove. With the recruitment of Bogarts, who has not only defense but also offense, San Diego has raised its air defense power to the fullest.

Even at the beginning of the season, he wielded a strong blow and was evaluated as “the best contract in the FA.” However, the pace has dropped, and he is not living up to the expectations of the club. Rather, if you look at the batting average in May, it is worse than Kim Ha-seong. He went 9-for-36 in 11 games, with 2 home runs, a batting average of 0.250, a slugging percentage of 0.472 and an OPS of 0.813. If Bogatz does not rebound, the evaluation of him will inevitably be persecuted.

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