GOAT is back… Jon Jones, comeback after 3 years → Aiming for UFC heavyweight belt

Jon Jones (35, USA), called the greatest fighter in history (GOAT), returns after 3 years. 

Jones will face Cyril Gahn (32, France) for the vacant heavyweight title at UFC 285: Jones vs. 

the record tells Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jones holds the records for being the youngest UFC champion (23 years, 8 months), the most title fight victories (14), and the most undefeated (17 wins, 1 null). In fact, he is undefeated for 15 years since his debut. Except for a foul loss against Matt Hamill due to a vertical elbow attack in 2009, he has not lost a game since his debut. 

This is why many, including UFC president Dana White, consider Jones the greatest fighter in mixed martial arts (MMA) history. 

So, even after a 3-year hiatus after the match against Dominic Reyes in 2020, Jones was able to return to the UFC heavyweight title match, which covers the strongest of mankind. The current heavyweight title has become vacant due to the departure of former champion Francis Ngannou (36, Cameroon) from the UFC. 

Jones has been in the light heavyweight division, one weight division down, throughout his career. That’s why there are also questions about Jones’ prowess at heavyweight. This is because the limit weight difference between the two weight classes is about 27.2 kg. 

Regarding this gaze at UFC 285 Media Day held on the 2nd, Jones said, “I am in really good shape (at heavyweight). He has really good movement and is confident in his durability. He feels stronger,” he replied. 

His opponent is former UFC heavyweight interim champion Gan. Although Gan lost a unified heavyweight title fight to Ngannou in January of last year, Gan showed off his dragon and tiger skills. 

Jones discovered Gan’s wrestling weakness in that match. “Gan is the least complete fighter in the top five,” Jones said. His hitting and footwork are really good. But I’ve seen him play several times and he’s exhausted against Ngannoo. Gan has been called the fastest heavyweight in history, but once he allowed one or two takedowns, he was missing footwork and speed,” he devalued. 

He continued, “I don’t think Gan can stand up to an opponent like me. Even to Ngannou, there is no way that a player who was pushed back by physical strength could beat me with physical strength. It doesn’t look like that,” he shouted. 

Gan, on the other hand, held Jones in high regard. “I expect Jones to come out in great shape. He’s fast, technically like a light heavyweight, but he’ll be as strong as a heavyweight.” 

“Whoever my opponent is, I want the championship belt. But this win means a lot because Jones is the greatest player in history. Everyone sees Jones’ career and thinks so. If I win, it will mean a lot to both my career and life.”  먹튀검증

Meanwhile, in the co-main event of the tournament, Valentina Shevchenko (34, Kyrgyzstan) will defend her 8th female flyweight fight against Alexa Grasso (29, Mexico), who is ranked 6th. 

Shevchenko, who is recording 9 consecutive victories after converting to flyweight division, is aiming for a third match against bantamweight and featherweight champion Amanda Nunes (34, Brazil). Shevchenko recorded two losses to Nunes, but both matches were close. 

If she can even surpass Grasso this time around, Shevchenko will have a chance to fight with Nunes once again who is the greatest female fighter of all time. 

UFC 285: Jones VS Gan main card will be broadcast live on TVING from 12:00 PM on Sunday, March 5th. Undercard will also be broadcast live on TVING from 10:00 am. 

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