Goalkeeper from Man City, Oh Hyun-kyu expected to grow “special talent”

 Reporter Cho Yong-un = Celtic goalkeeper Joe Hart (36) looked at Oh Hyeon-gyu (22) as a special talent.

Oh Hyun-gyu signed a five-year contract with Celtic on the 25th of last month. He joins Celtic and quickly melts away with a string of substitute appearances.

Oh Hyun-kyu is expected to play in the 25th round of the 2022/2023 Scottish Premiership against St. Johnstone on the 5th (Korean time). He may still be in shape as a joker, but he has impressed his Celtic teammates from the start. 카지노

Heart, who guards Celtic’s goal, also highly praised Oh’s talent. Hart is a famous goalkeeper who has been active in big leagues and big clubs such as Manchester City, West Ham and Tottenham Hotspur in the past. In particular, he played 348 games during his time at Man City, played as a main player, led many championships, and played 75 A-matches with the England national team.

Hart, who had a considerable reputation, praised Oh at a press conference ahead of the game as “young, passionate and powerful. He has excellent skills.” He continued, “I believe that the time I trained with Oh Hyun-kyu is not long, but I believe he will bring something special to the club.”

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