“Fighting,” Dongtan SK’s “Voice Leader” Kim Eun-hoo

 The ability to lead the team as one was by far the best among the players in the first round of the Seoul Eastern League.

On the 14th, the ‘2023 Seoul Eastern Youth and Youth Club League (i-League, hereinafter i-League)’ was held at the Wolgye-gu Sports Center in Nowon-gu, Seoul. The i-League, which is in its second year, will be held a total of 6 times like last year, and the Seoul Eastern League successfully completed the first round.

In the i-League to expand the basketball population and base, many youths enjoy and become interested in basketball through competitions. Here is a young player who dreams of becoming a basketball player through the i-League. Kim Eun-hoo (Aincho 4) of Dongtan SK is the main character.

Dongtan SK’s field commander in this tournament was Kim Eun-hoo (140cm). At first glance, Kim Eun-hoo, who is a handful smaller than her peers, but was braver than anyone else on the court, did her best until the end without being intimidated by the opponent at all as a point guard for Dongtan SK.

Kim Eun-hoo, who is currently in the 6th grade of Dongtan Ain Elementary School, said, “I am in my first tournament today, and it feels good to win one. Also, in the second match, I scored a goal, so I am even more happy,” he said.

Active communication between the players was also the driving force behind the good performance. Kim Eun-hoo even shouted loudly throughout his game to tell his teammates to focus on his sore throat. Also, when he was interviewed, his speech was mature unlike a young player.

Kim Eun-hoo said, “Whenever the team atmosphere is disturbed, I play a role in correcting it. Originally, I have a big voice, and I want to play a lot of roles that raise my spirits.”메이저놀이터

Kim Eun-hoo, who said that her attitude toward basketball has changed since watching the movie Slam Dunk, said, “As a basketball player, there were a lot of things I could relate to when I saw Slam Dunk. In basketball, being tall is of course a big advantage, but it shows that you can do it even if you are short. I want to,” he said.

His favorite player is Kim Seon-hyung, the leading star of Seoul SK. Kim Eun-hoo said, “Kim Seon-hyung has an impact and he is a player who can always play the role of a solver.”

Lastly, he said, “I successfully finished my first tournament, and I want to harmonize well with my friends and achieve good results in the upcoming SK team championship tournament.”

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