FIBA pays attention to Japan “Watanabe and Hachimura will present magic at the World Cup”

Japan is making achievements in international competitions in various sports. Can men’s basketball show a step forward? FIBA (International Basketball Federation) highly evaluated the possibility.

On the 12th (Korean time), FIBA ​​covered an article introducing the potential of Japan, the co-host of the 2023 Basketball World Cup, on its official website. The World Cup will be held in the Philippines, Indonesia and Japan from August 25th. This is the second time Japan has hosted the World Cup, following the 2006 tournament.메이저사이트

Japan’s ball game has had successive successes in recent international competitions. It started with women’s basketball winning a silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics. In men’s football, they advanced to the round of 16 at the FIFA (International Football Federation) Qatar World Cup by beating Spain and Germany to top Group E. In men’s baseball, in the recently ended WBC (World Baseball Classic), superstar Ohtani Shohei took the lead and defeated the United States in the final, winning for the third time in his career.

Now it’s men’s basketball. FIBA, which described the Japanese national team as a “rising sun,” said, “Watanabe Yuta (Brooklyn) and Hachimura Rui (LA Lakers) have left outstanding achievements in the NBA over existing Japanese players, including Tabuse Yuta. Watanabe and Hachimura played 5 seasons and 4 seasons respectively, and this season they played the most games since their debut.”

FIBA continued, “In Japanese basketball, Watanabe and Hachimura have continuously built up their skills by playing against the world’s best stars. They will bring magic to Japan at the World Cup. Also, it should not be forgotten that Japan has Baba Yudai who has experience in the Summer League, G League and Australian League.”

The home court advantage is also important. Japan will play World Cup group stage at Okinawa Arena. FIBA said, “The fact that the Olympics were held in Tokyo had a great impact on the success of women’s basketball in Japan. The home fans who will fill the Okinawa Arena will be an element that energizes men’s basketball in Japan.” FIBA also reported, “It is worth noting that Tom Horvath, who led the women’s national team, is in charge of the men’s basketball team this time.”

Meanwhile, the World Cup draw will be held on the 29th in Manila, Philippines.

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